The Hobbit 3: Billy Boyd’s “The Last Goodbye” Sure To Wreck Fans

Tolkien’s Middle Earth has been managed and depicted pretty well by Peter Jackson for 16 years now and in December, fans will say goodbye to the universe with none other than Pippin (Billy Boyd) giving us his last goodbye to remember. The exclusive music video was released and it will be played during the credits of the final movie. 
Because tears are a part of every Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fan’s life, let us take a look at how – if at all – the universe might be brought back in the future – 

• The Silmarillion – Obviously, once you’ve finished with the main story, you start with the background. And Tolkien has left behind quite a lot of background for his fans. The Silmarillion could be made in the future and it would be amazing if Peter Jackson were to do it. 

• The TARDIS lands in Middle Earth – Back in July, it was revealed that Peter Jackson might direct a Doctor Who episode. Fans can’t help but wonder if this is the time when we might get to see the TARDIS landing in the middle of Middle Earth, with its chameleon circuits all fixed, and looking like an Ent, possibly? Or an Ent Wife? 

• Remake of Lord of the Rings – This is the scariest possibility because Peter Jackson has done it so brilliantly and anyone else who tries to remake LOTR would definitely spoil it. Let’s not think about this option.

The final movie comes out on December 17 and fans like Dave and Brit Morin already have tissues at their disposal. 

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