The Kabbalah Center and Its Principles

Kabbalah is a field of study that was originally developed from Judaic customs and traditions. Being a school of thought, it is founded on a set of esoteric teachings, which attempt to create a relationship between the complicated conceptions of infinity and the human level of understanding of mortality, and the eternity of the bounded universe. It tries to decode the mysterious nature surrounding God and His creations. Jewish sources are the basis where concepts and teachings of Kabbalah originates. Unlike Muslim or Christianity, Kabbalah is not a religious designation, but it is widely used as a supplement to them.

Kabbalah attempts to understand ontological questions such as eternity, infinity, the nature of the universe, the purpose of existence and other ontic issues to aid in the achievement of spiritual realization. Its teachings give suggestions on methods that individuals can use to aid them to clench the ontological questions to achieve the spiritual realization. Kabbalists use the classical Jewish sources to embrace the Kabbalah’s deep teachings. The Hebrew Bible and the rabbinic literature have deep meanings that the Judaists use in Kabbalah to interpret them. The Judaists also use Kabbalah to demonstrate the importance and significance of Jewish religious practices.

Kabbalah matches religions such as the Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity through some of its teachings and thus, it can be used to supplement them. Kabbalah has some interesting teachings. God is beyond human understanding and thus, people should rather focus on making their relationship with God better, than trying to understand Him. Human beings possess five senses that only 1 percent is reality thus there are different types of dimensions. Masturbation is a taboo in Kabbalah principles as the sperm contains a soul that turns into a demon when wasted.

The Kabbalah Center is now in 40 cities around the world. Phillip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg, in the year 1965, founded the first center. The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit making organization that enjoys a strong online presence due to its many members around the world. To encourage a better life and a better world, the Kabbalah Center teaches principles that are used in everyday life. Kabbalah Center’s headquarters are in Los Angeles and was first opened in 1984. The center provides employment to a multi-ethnic staff of educators that educate and train to the worldwide student community. It also offers courses on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings.

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