The Midus Touch: Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is successful corporate lawyer and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm specializes in the corporate advising CEO’s, management teams, and committee boards to assist them in acquisitions and other sensitive matters.

After obtaining his law degree from the New York University School of Law, he began his career by working at other firms to gain experience and a more practical understanding of the specialized world of acquisitions and corporate law. As he began to experience success after success working for other firms, Jeremy Goldstein decided to take a leap of faith and start his own firm, which he named Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Goldstein’s key principles for profitability in his firm were to make long term plans and execute them with precision.



Jeremy Goldstein has played a major role as a corporate attorney in some of the largest corporate acquisitions in history, such as Sears, Alltel, and Time Warner. As a result of his accomplishments, he has built up quite a reputation for himself. Many corporations are eager to work with him due to his tremendous track record. His many years of experience grant him an exclusive insight that allows him to bulletproof contracts. This is especially important considering the vast quantities of capital and monetary resources that are changing hands. Everything has to be accounted for and there is no room for error. Negotiating is also a huge part of the puzzle for Goldstein. His clients intrust him to make the best deals on their behalf in a timely manner.

CEO guidance


As a witness to many such corporate mergers and acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein finds himself in a unique position to provide advice to CEO’s and committee boards on how best to navigate those potentially confusing or unfamiliar times.



Jeremy Goldstein organizes quite a few charity events in his spare time. In May, he hosted a gala in New York to raise money for the Fountain House, which is one of the charities he assists in managing. Fountain House is a community mental health service designed to assist individuals who have a history of serious mental illness in thriving within world they struggle to fit deal with.

Golden Future


Goldstein plans to further diversify his firm by seeking out new areas of expertise to explore and dominate. While his exact plans are unclear, it is likely that he will use his extensive network and intrinsic affinity for bringing talented people together to create a more heterogenous talent pool of attorneys within his own firm.


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