The One Man Wonder Named Jon

Some people seem just too good to be true. They have different hobbies and activities that keep them rounded, and so someone would assume that as a person, they’ve got to have something that they do that just doesn’t quite fit. This, however, is not the case with Jon Urbana. The man knows how to play a mean guitar, and does plenty of covers while he writes his own songs. He has built up a strong following on both Crunchbase and Soundcloud with his variety of uploaded songs, which you can access here:

Also for those who enjoy the artistic side of life, you can take pleasure in knowing that he has a blog dedicated to photography and videos regularly posted to his Vimeo page. He’s an aspiring photographer who takes exquisite photographs of various foods, fruits, and drinks. Still-Life has never looked better than it does at¬†or in this Websta gallery.

He’s not just a lover of the arts, though. He loves lacrosse wholeheartedly and is able to share that love of the sport with the youth that he coaches at Next Level Lacrosse Camp in Colorado. He started this camp with fellow lacrosse enthusiast, Lou Braun, who happens to also play in the major leagues. The camp is centered around helping form the players of tomorrow with the help of some guys who know the game because they play in the leagues. He loves teaching the next big players at this camp through his experience, and details can be found at

He is also an avid lover of the environment. He grew up in Denver, Colorado and states that one of many of his inspirations to help the environment is “the teens who attend [his] camp and their shared interest in environmental causes.” This love of his beautiful home state alongside the inspiration from his camp attendees have driven him to choose Earth Force to be the benefactor of a GoFundMe campaign, found at Earth Force, for those who don’t know, looks to help youth become activists and participants in environmental causes and spread the word about to take care of our loving Earth.


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