The Sixth Largest Economy in the World

A high-potential market is emerging in Brazil, offering returns as rewarding as a visit to the countries’ beautiful tropical rain forests, and just as dangerous. Brazil is one of the quickest emerging financial power houses of the world, giving investors all the more reason to consider them for their investments.

Recent corruption investigations and civil unrest have decreased investment opportunities for the South American giant. Statistics predict the national GDP to lower in the recent future, instead of increase. The reason behind this negative GDP is centered on the oil scandal involving Petrobras. Investor’s no longer consider the corporation trustworthy, and many refuse to invest in them because of this. Since this oil company is one of Brazil’s largest and most productive industries, their problems correlate directly to the country’s economic problems.

Despite recent issues, investing in Brazil is still a profitable option for investors. The currency makes for interesting results, while the constantly intervening government threatens to diminish the value of Brazil investments. Brazil offers a well-diversified market as a result of post-war policies recently implemented. Companies, such as General Motors, have not lost faith in the potential that Brazil has to offer. GM recently announced their plans to double their investments in Brazil, showing an increase in confidence for the economy, and potentially encouraging others to do the same.

Brazil has many incentives and advantages for investing with them. They own a strategic location and expansive market with a population that is close to 200 million. They also happen to border almost all South American countries, with only minor exceptions, increasing their trade opportunities and level of economic influence. Brazil boasts the world’s sixth largest economy, offering sustainable growth and profit. The infrastructure of the country is steadily increasing: more airports are being built, there are many coastal ports, mobile accessibility throughout the country, and railroads and highways stretching across the entire country.

Igor Cornelsen is a champion investor who has held multiple high positions in Brazil’s most successful banks. He focuses on purchasing long-term investments that yield a high return guarantee. These require patience, but the confidence in the payoff is increased, and they are typically much cheaper. He counsels other investors to avoid investing in damaged companies, but to find the value in damaged stocks, which can be purchased for low amounts of money and rise in value. His personal experience in the field of investing gives him reliability in his consulting.

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