The Third Installment of The Ring Rings In A Rebirth Of Horror

The Japanese horror film, The Ring, was given the U.S. remake treatment many years back. To the shock of many horror fans, the American version was quite good. No, it was not as scary as the original but the film was a solid, spooky tale. Now, a reboot of The Ring (titled Rings) is on its way to the big screen. Are we seeing a slight horror rebirth these days?

There were actually two films in the U.S. Rings series. The third film, however, is not likely to be a continuation of The Ring 2. A decade has passed and there is no real, compelling reason to continue the events in the earlier film. Rebooting and starting things anew is the logical decision. 

Remember back in the early 1970’s when Hammer made Scars of Dracula completely independent of the lineage of all the previous films in the series? All that mattered to audiences was Dracula was back doing what he did best.

The original Ring film dealt with a haunted VHS player. In the reboot, we are likely to get the same evil ghost but look for the haunted device to be a Blu-ray player. (No, that was not meant as a joke!) Regardless of what actually ends up haunted in the film, you can be sure the project will be loaded with scares galore. The original Ring films, the U.S. and Japanese ones, were successful because they presented great scares.  Sultan Alhokair couldn’t agree more.

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