The ViSalus Challenge


Based out of Los Angeles, CA and Italy, ViSalus was founded in 2005. It’s a company that concentrates on personal global health. ViSalus’ mission is “to transform Life, Health and Prosperity around the world.”


It’s important to know that many customers come with challenging goals and obstacles in their daily lives. Routines need to be resolved. Their empowerment and motivation are crucial so that they can believe in themselves. One of the ways to achieve this is by being friendly. Empathy towards their concerns and issues goes a long way. Some people need others to believe in them to become stronger and self-motivated and to make changes in their lives.


The Body by Vi 90-day Challenge is a marketing platform. The company concentrates on living a life based with support from mentors. Using simple products that are available to everyone is important. The process takes approximately 90 days to fall into place.

Life experiences and the creation of meaningful connections is the goal that ViSalus is promoting. Entrepreneurship and strong financial changes in the life of participants will help them feel good about themselves. Leadership and well-being management are other skills that are taught.

Clarity in Communication

Always be encouraging and clear with your tone of voice so that people can be drawn to your advice. Reflecting a pleasant and affable attitude can be very inviting and has a great impact on the listener. ViSalus want to make sure the message that is being conveyed is inviting and that you are communicating clearly in written and oral form with the audience. Find Related Information Here.

Drinks and Snacks Provided

To reach their Challenge goal, there are affordable and great tasting snacks and supplements that are provided by ViSalus. Participants in the program are encouraged to purchase their protein-packed meal suggestions. There are a variety of safe energy drinks and snacks for increased energy and better health. These can be used in-between meals for added nutrition. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Losing weight can be a challenge, but anyone is capable of kick-starting their way to a lean body with great muscles by joining the Vi-Challenge and getting lots of support from the friendly and motivating team at ViSalus.


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