Time to Let Frozen Go

Frozen is the Disney movie that conquered the world. One year after the release of the Disney film, children, teens and parents are still singing along to the catchy songs and reciting the film line for line. Merchandise continues to fly off store shelves featuring logos and characters from the hit movie. With all of this big budget excitement and buzz surrounding Frozen, it seems only logical that talk of a sequel would be making the rounds online.

Unfortunately, these talks are all just rumors said Susan McGalla. Many of these rumors began when actress and singer Idina Menzel dropped hints that a Broadway musical and a feature film sequel were in the works. Frozen filmmakers tell a different tale. Having recently finished a new short to be shown in front of Cinderella, the filmmakers have said they have no plans to bring sisters Anna and Elsa to the big screen in the near future.

With that being said, it is still possible to get your Frozen fix through a number of different outlets. You can continue to purchase the film on DVD and digital versions, grab the Disney soundtrack full of hit songs and watch the short Frozen Fever, but you can also pick up books retelling the story, purchase jewelry with your favorite characters and even drive cars featuring Frozen characters.

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