US Money Reserve CEO Believes Happy Employees Result In High Sales Volumes

For Angela Koch, CEO of US Money Reserve, training employees encompasses more than just making effective salespeople or marketing associates. She’s said she wants to see employees love what they do and grow personally while on the job.

Her philosophy is that if employees are happy with the work environment, learn new skills, learn what their customers want and go out on their own to tackle problems, the result will be a better company.

In other words, some of the best returns on investment happen when you invest in employee development because better sales numbers and greater customer satisfaction will follow.

Perhaps one reason Angela Koch believes in sales revenue increasing when employees are invested in is because she herself has had a journey in which she’s experienced the same thing. She didn’t arrive at US Money Reserve with a master’s degree in her field, or any college degree for that matter. Instead, she started out by getting lower level jobs that didn’t require a degree.

Her jobs included being a pharmacy worker, having various positions at electrical companies, being a manager at a Jewish foundation, and getting to a high ranking position at KLA-TENCOR, a process control company. While there she also took on a certification job at a Kobe beef ranch.

With all the knowledge she gained at these jobs, she was able to build a resume that got her into the leadership team at US Money Reserve. Since becoming CEO, Koch has done a tremendous job leading the way in the precious metals industry and working with well-known numismatists.

Along with Angela Koch, US Money Reserve also has the expertise of Phillip N. Diehl, the only former US Mint Director who’s now working in the private sector in precious metals. He’s written books and appeared on TV networks like CNBC where he’s offered his thoughts on buying physical gold or silver.

An important reason to do so is because after periods of stock market highs, recessions can hit and you never know how inflation could affect your savings.

The value of the dollar can also be affected when the Federal Reserve raises and lowers interest rates, and when the yield of short-term Treasury bonds exceed that of long-term bonds, trouble can be looming. But when you buy physical gold or silver, you can be ready for pending recessions. There’s gold coins and other bullion that can retain their value even if the dollar is not strong, and you can find them at US Money Reserve.

The customer experience at US Money Reserve is something the company takes a lot of pride in making sure is unparalleled in quality. They have easy to access product listings of gold and silver coins, and you can find out about special deals that show up from time to time.

US Money Reserve has received high reviews for timely delivery and having certified US Mint coins.

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