Visalus Is Excited To Offer Its Members The Great New Value That Is Provided Through The Vi Prime Rewards Program


Los Angeles, California, and Italy-based lifestyle firm ViSalus has recently made a big announcement about the launch of a revolutionary new customer rewards program that is called Vi Prime. Blake Mallen, one of the three individuals that co-founded ViSalus in 2005, recently spoke about the major benefits that members will get when they choose “Vi Prime”.

The Vi Prime program is being made available to every customer of ViSalus as well as all ViSalus promoters. The rewards programs will be available in all of the existing markets that ViSalus is operating in. This is great news as the benefits of this unique rewards program are undeniable.

The ViSalus team has created Vi Prime to provide a new level of rewards benefits to the healthy lifestyle brand’s members. This program has the purpose of making it easier than ever for ViSalus members to enjoy all that the company has to offer in the way of products and platforms.

ViSalus has an array of amazing kits that you can use in conjunction with reaching your goals. These kits are easy, delicious and can work well in just about any other diet you are currently following.

ViSalus members who join up with Vi Prime also get the benefit of added value to the orders that they place every month. This is made possible through free shipping that is offered. Customers also earn a list of great awards from ViSalus for participating in the Vi Prime program.

Since 2005, ViSalus has been making an impact on the lives of its customers through its healthy lifestyle products and its introduction of the unique Vi Challenge platforms that help people to reach their potential and living a fulfilled lifestyle.

The company’s innovative and devoted founders are also known for themselves being big adherents to the healthy lifestyle that is promoted through their company. The success enjoyed by ViSalus has led to many awards over the years and the firm also has a strong reputation for its commitment to charitable acts. Feeing needy children and families is one of the main outlets of philanthropy pursued by the ViSalus team. Refer to This Article for related information.


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