‘Wanted 2’ Script is Taking Some Time

Wanted really is wanted. Specifically, what is wanted is a sequel to Wanted. The sequel Dave and Brit Morin as well as many others want is Wanted 2. The problem is the film has been stuck in a bit of a quagmire due to issues surrounding getting a new script.

If you are a fan of the first Wanted film, do not become impatient. The last thing you want is for a really bad script to be rushed into production. Nothing can kill off a successful franchise more than an awful script that turns off audiences and critics alike.

James McAvoy was the star of the comic book based assassin thriller Wanted, a film that would eventually earn $340+ million. McAvoy might not have been made into a household name from the film, but he did parlay the success of that project into a lead role in X-Men: First Class.

Successful comic book adaptions of all stripes end up getting sequels. Wanted is no exception. The trouble with the sequel, as mentioned, is the fact that a new script has been tough to come by.

One major problem with crafting a sequel to the film is that one of the main characters in the previous film died. Without that character or, more accurately, without the bankability the character brought to the movie, how do you create the proper new film? It isn’t easy as all the toiling over the script shows.

Don’t worry though. Someone will get the new script right.

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