Wen Wins Seal of Approval with a Pro Stylist

In an article written by Emily McClure for Bustle Magazine, she reviewed WEN hair by Dean Chaz. For a little background, Wen by Dean Chaz is the maker of a hair cleansing system. It doesn’t lather. The cleansing and conditioning is from roots to ends. It comes in several natural fragrances. The one that was chosen, for this review was the fig variety for oily hair.
Emily’a Challenge

The challenge that Emily has is that her hair is oily and fine. She has to spend quite a lot of time and equally as much product to get her hair looking the way it should. Think about it; she’s a hair stylist. People expect her hair to be perfect. That’s a lot of pressure so you know that what she chooses is something of importance.

The Review

Emily used the Sephora endorsed version of Wen hair cleansing system for a week. At first, the product seemed as if the amount recommended was a lot. But then, as she used it she could understand why. It doesn’t lather but she could feel an immediate clean and tingly feeling to the scalp that was awesome. It cleansed thoroughly through from scalp to roots and ends. It’s a very complete product. She noticed that it took the Wen hair styling product well. But she did say that it did take a few days to actually keep the curl all day long. It’s good to experiment with several of the products. The bottom line is it’s fantastic and her hair adjusted well after a few days. WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.

Also, this system is so thorough that if you do use a lot of product on the hair, it will clear it ALL out. This is part of the adjustment period. It’s great to know it’s REALLY clean the first time. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

Read http://www.wen.com/before-after.html for more info.


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