Wengie- Draw My Life


Wengie, the popular Australian fashion blogger, has an interesting life story that she brings to the forefront in a Draw My Life video. Her everyday image is one of a modern and boisterous personality that is positively consumed with the facets of fashion, relevant life hacks, and helping young women create a personal style that is fun. Her life story, intimately portrayed in this blog, tells a different story filled with trials and perseverance.


The story begins with a retelling of her parents’ decision to immigrate to Australia at the height of family economic troubles. Once in Australia, Wengie and her siblings had an environment in which to flourish. Wengie was a stellar student. She excelled in technical courses, but always had an inclination toward aesthetics. This collision of temperaments is outlined in detail in the Draw My Life exposition.


After her formal academic training, Wengie sought career fulfillment in mundane jobs. These jobs would normally provide excellent career opportunities for her and her peers, but they did not mesh with her outgoing personality. Some of the post-collegiate jobs included lucrative positions like accounting. Wengie had all the necessary skills to build an accounting career, but her employers were quick to dismiss her talents.


The one element that was present throughout Wengie’s life was good friends. She was fortunate to have friends that were honest with her about her talents and personal attributes. With the growth of online blogging, Wengie found a way to connect with the wider world. She started a simple blog about her favorite clothing, makeup, and aesthetic tricks. There is no argument that Wengie’s personal style had wide appeal, so her blogs became a popular resource for people wanting to learn insights about designing their own style.


The Draw My Life video blog platform not only shows that Wengie has a talent for visual story-telling, but her passion for helping people look their best is genuine. Only a blogger with immense talent could reveal such important life events, while relating them to a fashion blogging mission. Wengie’s Draw My Life expose’ is an extraordinary addendum to the valuable insights normally conveyed on her expert fashion and living blog.


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