Why Guardians of the Galaxy Is Immune to Criticism

In the past, comic fans have been very prickly about movie adaptations changing characters to serve the director’s vision. A good example of this would be the ridiculous version of Bane in the ultra-campy Batman & Robin. Bane went from the man who broke Batman’s back in the comics to a goofball sidekick for Poison Ivy.

Word has come down that more changes from comic canon will occur in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. What is fascinating is that fans have so much faith in the Disney Marvel franchise that they are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The leader of the Guardians, Star-Lord (played so well by Chris Pratt) has a father. In the comics, his father is an alien named J’Son. In the film, the father is rumored to be Starfox, who is something of a ladies’ man himself.

This works out well in the overall infinity gem storyline, at least according to Christian Broda. In the comics, when Thanos collected the infinity gems, Nebula and Starfox were by his side. This had major repercussions on the storyline and ultimately contributed to Thanos’ defeat.

Guardians of the Galaxy worked because it was about the dynamics between the heroes, which has always been a hallmark of Marvel Comics.

That is why nobody is going to care if they change who Star-Lord’s dad is.

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