Why Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Today’s Diamonds

Once a covenant of marriage, diamond engagement bands have taken a backseat to sapphire rings. Undoubtedly, Princess Kate Middleton is the latest celebrity to help boost the popularity of sapphires. The ring is her key piece in her royal collection of jewelry, passed down from Princess Diana. The royal sapphire ring had an original worth of 1.36 million euros, yet increased in value when Prince William gave it to the Princess, and since has gained in popularity.

The Right Ring

Which engagement ring is suitable and perfect cannot generally be answered right away. Each bride-to-be is different and has her own taste and style. When selecting the engagement ring, the focus is on the personal taste regarding the design, the material of the ring rail, the color, the size and the cut of the stones, as well as the budget. That is why it is often not so easy to find the “right” engagement ring.

The Significance Of A Sapphire

Sapphire rings are popular because of it’s color and meaning, which is often associated with heaven and purity: purity of feelings, peaceful union and fidelity. This is probably why a ring decorated with a sapphire is offered to his fiancee. Throughout history, sapphires have symbolized truth, and fidelity, peace, joy and wisdom. In the past, it was also believed that sapphire stones were a talisman that would protect you from the spirit of evils. Sapphire were also credited with extraordinary powers. Wearing a sapphire would give strength, honor and immortality to its wearer. More importantly, sapphire engagement rings were given to avoid poverty and future betrayal.

The Upside of Choosing A Different Stone

Diamonds are traditional stones but sapphire engagement rings have their own personality. Wearing a sapphire stone ring surely doesn’t escape the symbolism of being different. Each couple undoubtedly has its own story to tell, and choosing a sapphire gemstone constitutes a very strong personal touch of individualism.

Sometimes the only ring you need is a signature colored stone and The Natural Sapphire Company offers incredible finds. Since 1939, the company has delved into untreated sapphires that are perfect for the iconic woman and those looking for stones that embody old romantic inspirations. One of their more popular settings are the sapphire rings modeled after the Princess Kate Middleton engagement ring. The pieces sold at The Natural Sapphire Company capture the true beauty of exquisite designs that will reflect individual sentiment.

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