Why Securus Remains Your Best Security Solutions Provider

Securus was founded in 2002 with an objective of offering a solution for the protection of children in schools. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, and the regional offices are found in Atlanta, Georgia.


Following the government initiative to improve internet access in schools, and widespread use of ICT, children are exposed to both the benefits and threats of technology. Today, several educational institutions enjoy the protection services of Securus. Several children have received protection from radicalization and internet bullying which is very common. Children are also educated on the safe and responsible use of the internet.


I believe Securus is one of the largest providers of government information and detainee communication. The firm serves an estimate of two thousand six hundred facilities in forty-five states. The total number of inmates who access the facilities of Securus Technologies is not less than one million across the nation. The main focus of Securus is to meet the specialized needs of the correctional facilities.


Securus also has a dedicated team of experts who offer its clients advice and counseling services when handling sensitive cases. A popular product offered by Securus, in my opinion, is the intruder detection alarm. The Securus team access the premises and comes up with the best security system that compliments it. The system bars intruders from entry and has a 24-hour call out in case of an emergency. The intruder system can also be linked with CCTV to create a solution that is fully integrated.


Most of the clients are happy and have given positive reviews on the products and services of Securus. One client mentions that their organization is impressed with the vision of Securus. They are pleased because the assessment and development of new capabilities improve the jail security structure. The client is also impressed with the reporting data that has enhanced their agency’s proactive measures when it comes to stopping incidences from occurring.

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