Will A Deus Ex Film Bring Back The Glory Of Cyberpunk Cinema?

Deus Ex is one incredibly successful video game franchise. Now, a film version is in development for a major motion picture. While many are thrilled over the notion a new video game movie is soon to be released, others let out a collective groan. They may have been burned one too many times before with horrible video game adaptions for the screen.

Deus Ex may be a little different. The adaption should be given the benefit of the doubt. For one, the video game is rooted in the cyberpunk subgenre of science-fiction. Cyberpunk is a dark, Blade Runner-type look at the world. The government and the corporations have fused together. Society, itself, ends up being quite dysfunctional. A lot of misery occurs. Amidst this backdrop, an unlikely hero emerges and a lot of action ensures. It is all that action that ends up making even the worst films worth the time investment to watch.

Since Deus Ex is not coming out for another year or two, it is way too early to make any pronouncements about the quality of the movie sats Mr Amazing Loan. We can speculate that this particular film should be good thanks to the connection to an intriguingly dark subgenre. Cyberpunk films usually have an edge to them. This bitter edge allows the films to rise above the mediocre. Dues Ex could end up being an interesting cult film and not just throwaway entertainment.

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