Nitin Khanna Is An Entrepreneur Who Enjoys Working With Like-Minded People

Nitin Khanna is a creative entrepreneur who serves as the chief executive officer of Merger Tech. He made the decision to build a business with his brother who moved to the United States in 1999. The company they created together was called Saber software, and its election software was used by many states after the election in 2000 between Al Gore and George Bush. The company eventually provided software for the DMV and has also worked with the government to offer software for the child care sector.

Nitin Khanna has worked with many different companies during his life and has helped many of these companies with their strategic goals. He likes to build stable working teams in the companies he serves because he feels that the main deciding factor for the success of a company is the people who work for it. Nitin Khanna has admitted that he likes tom work with companies that mainly focus on execution. He doesn’t like to work with idea-based companies but has been able to out-compete many companies in the various sectors he has entered into.

When Nitin Khanna hires people to work with the companies he is in charge of, he prefers hiring individuals who are excited about what the company is doing. He is known for his ability to create business cultures that help companies to run smoothly and values working with people who have similar ideals. He loves it when he has a team full of talented people who are onboard with the mission of one of his companies. If Nitin Khanna could suggest one thing to help people stay more productive, it would be to create more time for themselves.

Nitin Khanna was born in India, where he was inspired by his family, who were entrepreneurs. He came to the United States when he was just 17 and got to work on his college degree. He eventually finished up his bachelor’s and master’s degree in industrial engineering while studying at Purdue University in Portland. Before completing his doctorate, he decided to go into business for himself. He continues to find success in every industry he enters into.

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BetterWorks: A Leading Performance Management Platform

Founded in 2013, Betterworks is a continuous performance management platform that makes it easy for workers to set objectives apart from giving ongoing feedback. The company is situated in Redwood City, California. It has additional offices in New York City. The user interface connects various aspects of the employee performance process.

BetterWorks System is also a system that develops and offers an enterprise collaboration platform particularly for managing collaborative goals as well as performance conversations. The software gives BetterWorks a platform in which employees, managers, as well as companies conversations are facilitated for better performance. The platform has Glance, which is a software solution that facilitates the alignment of tasks at work. Goal Science is a goal setting software for businesses. The organization’s platform offers check-ins, peer feedback, and performance review services.

Betterworks recently announced that it has secured $27 million through a Series B investment. Emergence Capital and Kleiner Perkins led the round. Other participants were seed investors. The funding will be utilized in maintaining product innovation as well as capitalizing on accelerated sales in enterprise organizations. Regarding the new contract, CEO Doug Dennerline stated that customers rely on the continuous performance system to fuel essential business outcomes.

The management has maintained its innovativeness over the years. The platform has registered a 100 percent increase in its sales activities and performance management. It has also increased its ability to create viable goals and improve performance conversations. Consumers have witnessed the corresponding improvement in the company’s ability to retain talent.

The War Against Classified Advertisements In Newspaper

Choosing Classified Advertisements In Newspaper Is Simple
Newspapers are normally kind two sorts of ads. Hence, you may want to choose newspapers that have excellent local in addition to national reach. Newspaper being the absolute most economical medium of mass communication is accessible to each Indian household and offices and corporates houses. Secondly, a specific newspaper isn’t a worldwide media. You can make your own newspaper. Newspaper obituaries generally have various pre-designed templates that would enable you to boost your obituary ads in newspaper. They are of different types and therefore you need to focus on what you want to convey the message.  leolist

The Hidden Gem of Classified Advertisements In Newspaper
Such ads generally have lots of information and thus it is sensible to publish them under classified format. Hence, they improve the search engine rankings of your website also. My classified ad is a great platform to encourage a goods and get exposure to users. The classified ads will be looked at by online users and they’re able to land up to your site by clinking the URL of your enterprise website. Classified text ads are perfect for all sorts of advertising especially matrimonial ads. Classified ads are thought to be an effective and affordable methods to promote the brand and promote their business enterprise. Classified newspaper ads are some of the the marketing tools utilized by businesses to catch the interest of consumers.

A recruitment advertisement was created with just one goal that’s hiring fresh along with experienced employees according to situation vacant for the job which is to be accomplished. While obituary advertisements are simple personal messages they still have to get written correctly to find the best outcomes. An individual can use completely free classified advertisements to secure more visitors. Repeated advertisements make branded merchandise and services very common. The exact same advertisement if released several times may not receive the responses it is anticipated to.

Advertising creates goodwill and assists in building a brand’s image in the industry. It, if done repetitively, helps in generating higher demand in the market for advertised products and services. Classified advertising is a type of advertising which is very common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which might be sold or distributed at no charge. In a free-market economy effective advertising is vital to a provider’s survival, for unless consumers know about an organization’s product they’re not likely to purchase it.

Advertising developed in a multitude of media. It is crucial for the launch (introduction) of a brand new product, service or idea in the market. The newspaper job advertising is just one of the very best recruitment sources for the mass recruitment around the nation or region. It is highly advantageous.

Whoever owns a newspaper is known as the publisher. The owner of the specific web page once put a categorized ad in the local newspaper to advertise his outdated vacuum. Business proprietors who’ve been using classified ads have been making a big profit every month.

You are able to place the articles of all of the students in the classroom with each other to create your own classroom newspaper! It is helpful for finding news articles about local businesses. Other reasons for such publication may be miscommunication between newspapers, family, and the funeral house, often leading to embarrassment for everybody involved.

Employing ReferenceUSA or among the many directories available at the library, make a list of organizations you may be interested in. Due to their self-regulatory nature and very low cost structures, some businesses offer you completely free classifieds internationally. Other businesses focus mainly on their neighborhood hometown region, while some blanket urban areas by utilizing postal codes. The business is extremely professional and adheres to the demand of the customer. The company through the years has stood up as an important support for those companies or the persons which deal with the media. If you’re planning to advertise your company or if you prefer to display some advertisement classified advertisement in newspaper is the ideal medium.

Always double check the spellings and dates to make sure that you’re writing the right info on the advertisement. Hence, such advertising websites supply a huge platform to expand your organization in a brief span of time. When you post totally free ads online, you can reach a massive worldwide market for your goods and solutions. Completely free ads online are a fantastic way to boost visitors to your website. You can also select Special offers if you prefer to advertise for many days and after that click proceed to compose your Recruitment Ad. In a difficult job market, it’s a tempting offer.

Article Title: How Ara Chackerian Implements Technology to Boost Health Service Delivery

Article Text:

How Ara Chackerian Implements Technology to Boost Health Service Delivery

Ara Chackerian is an experienced businessman who has demonstrated his effort in community development while giving health services to those in need. He has worked tirelessly to implement the use of technology in the provision of health services. Use of technology in this field improves service delivery as well as bringing the convenience of the whole processes involved.

Due to his experience and robust skills in the health field, Ara Chackerian has been appointed to chair several boards established for mastering provision of health services. While taking a significant portion of his profession in the health sector, he also takes part in other fields such as in environment and matters concerning youth development.His venture in business was geared by his long experience in running various aspects of a business. Ara Chackerian took a long time to establish radiology centers with his team members. During this time they developed ideas as well as technology to come up with an advanced device which could be used to treat depression.

The discovery of transcranial magnetic device improved the treatment of depression mostly from those patients suffering from advanced depression conditions. The method was reliable as it could help in administering the best and reliable medication alongside talk therapy. Ara Chackerian worked with experienced doctors in his company to ensure the best treatment was administered to his patients. He also believed that teamwork was very crucial in generating new ideas which could be implemented to improve customer services.

Ara Chackerian claims that the use of telemedicine applications has a high impact on the health sector. Use of these telemedicine applications which have computer algorithms capable of analyzing any behavior changes gives doctors the ability to determine the best treatment they can offer to their patients.

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Felipe Montoro Jens, a Financial Advisory Pillar in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens is the Chairman of the Administrative Center of the Federal District SA and the Chief Executive of Energipar Captação SA. He gained his experience in finance strategy from Santo Antonio Energia when he was the Director. His primary field of specialization is infrastructure, which includes wastage management and is a well-known finance industry expert in Brazil. He also offers advisory services to Brazil government and companies on how to manage waste for better use. The Getulio Vargas Foundation graduate in business is also a writer a skill he got when he was a member of the academic training group the school.

Additionally, the school supported him to enroll in business through proper skills and knowledge. Jens also studied business management at Thunderbird School of Management a subsidiary of Arizona State University. Some of the companies Jens worked with after school include FOZ, Atvos, and Braskem where he gained enough experience in waste and water concessions, chemical development, and energy generation. Through this expertise, Felipe Montoro Jens is a big name in infrastructure because he worked with high profile companies. He also serves on boards of various companies. Read more about Montoro Jens at

In Brazil, many projects have stopped according to a survey done by the National Confederation of Industry. The main reasons for discontinuity include budgetary allocation and financial problems, issues of land ownership, technical issues, and contractors deciding to abandon projects. The infrastructure sector has 517 out of 2,796 total works paralyzed because of mentioned problems. A cording to Felipe Montoro Jens, the discontinuity of the infrastructure may be led the government’s move to contain spending. Additionally, the adverse interaction between public managers and the control bodies has led to discontinuity of those projects. The report by the National Confederation of Industry (NCI) was part of strategic plan documents, which were handed to the presidential candidates to participate in coming elections. It means that each candidate will be conversant with the list of all stagnant projects. The NCI also contributes in making suggestions on how to improve on the policies that bring together the productive sector that help in building the country.


Exactly how to Outsource the very best News Release Distribution Service for Your Brand?

It’s not easy to do all your PR distribution services by yourself. After crafting your press release, you have to make sure that you send it to the ideal media to obtain as many eyes in the direction of your project.

This can be challenging for start-ups, big or small. At times, also writing a press release can be two times as hard when you’re brand-new.

Typically, online news release are seen 275 times in a week. The media are accounted for the 70 views. Brand names should comprehend that more sights can bring about making media insurance coverage and even more conversion.

This is why if your brand name is still unclear how to utilize circulation, you may as well look for the aid of circulation networks.

What is the news release distribution?

Press release distribution is the manner of sending out a news release to various places and websites. The main objective for this is to make it easily accessible for the media to cover a story.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an organization method where a firm works with a new firm that can assist them in performing their business-related tasks.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your distribution plan is a wise choice for online marketers. When you hire one more firm or someone for the job, you’ll surely experience these advantages:


  • Less stress and anxiety for you.

The work of dispersing your releases is passed on to the company you planned to work with. This is an excellent aid for you because you do not have to do all the process from the start throughout.

Some paid service offer launch writing. If you’re brand-new in this type of project, you’ll have fewer migraines in assuming just how you can compose a compelling statement that gets the eyes of the media.


  • More opportunity for your news to be grabbed.

When someone or business get the job done of composing and dispersing your releases, the odds of getting attention are greater for you. When you work with a company, they undoubtedly have a collection of qualified specialist writers who understand exactly how to create a launch that catches the focus of the media.

If you work with a circulation site to disperse your launches, you do not need to bother with everything. They distribute your tale in a variety of electrical media outlets and also websites.

They have a media listing that is targeted to your sector. It is much more possibilities for you to obtain media insurance coverage.


  • You can focus on various other areas.

When you work with a firm to disperse your releases, this is a significant assistance for you to focus on other parts of your service. When you concentrate on other areas, you can supply a desirable result that assists your service.

When you concentrated on way too many things, you tend to become less effective. Several points can disturb your concentration, which misbehaves for your business. It’s always a smart choice to contract out assistance when needed, as well as it permits your spending plan.

Employing a Paid Solution

One way you can disperse your releases is through hiring a paid distribution solution. However, you should beware when picking one. To guarantee that you’ll get better results as well as appreciate what you’re paying for, maintain these things in mind:

  • Examine reviews.

Before collaborating with a paid service, check if they have testimonials to show you. Without a doubt, if they give top quality service, they have several satisfied customers that provide good feedback about their service.

Certainly, you need to ensure that they have statements from customers about their site traffic, results, tracking tools, functions and also just how their circulation solution is.

  • Inspect their prices and bundles.

Your goal as a brand name is to guarantee that you have reduced investment and also optimum ROI. You must expect that you’re getting what you pay for.

If you’re willing to pay a substantial quantity to boost the possibility of obtaining publicity, make sure that the firm can genuinely do it. It’s always a good idea to compare rates as well as bundles before making a contract with any company.

  • Will your launches land in the ideal places?

You need to guarantee that your news is going somewhere, where it needs to be. Does the business give you the means to determine the result of the project?

Will they reveal you records where your releases are released? Check if the firm has a connection with news as well as electrical media outlets as well as reporters.

  • Consider their various other offerings.

Usually, paid services supply various other offerings that can be taken into consideration an included benefit. Ask the firms what other solutions they cover to maximize your news release distribution efforts. Other business wouldn’t inform you this to make sure that you inquire.

Isabel dos Santos Is the Richest Female Entrepreneur in Africa.

In the business world, many factors influence the prosperity of an investor. For starters, they must be able to identify the different opportunities that are around them. Additionally, they must always be ready to make the necessary risks. As always, business is unpredictable. At the moment, investors such as Isabel dos Santos are reaping the fruits of their labor since they enacted on each chance they got to invest in different areas. Forbes has also recognized her since her business empire is worth billions.

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An Overview of Isabel dos Santos

In 2019, Isabel was listed as the eighth most affluent investor from Africa. She is from Angola. In 2018, she was in position nine, of which this is a significant improvement. Many factors contributed to her rise in the Forbes list. One of these factors includes the economic crisis that has affected Africa. For starters, the currency grew weak. The companies where these investors have shares also incurred a drastic drop in the stock prices. As a result, the net worth of Isabel dos Santos and other African investors was also affected.

Some of these changes led to a decrease in the number of billionaires on the Forbes Africa list. In 2018, there were 23 billionaires on the list. There are only 20 billionaires in the Forbes Africa list in 2019. Besides the losses incurred, Isabel dos Santos is at least happy that she is the wealthiest female investor in the African region.

Isabel was worth $2.7 billion in 2018. In 2019, the losses she incurred were worth $0.4 billion, and she is currently worth $2.4 billion. The shared that she had at Galp, Nos, and Unitel decreased in value. Other people who have also been affected include Aliko Dangote. For eight years, he has maintained the first position in the Forbes Africa list of billionaires. He has many companies including Dangote Cement. The stock prices of all the firms were affected, and the results could reflect on his current net worth. Despite being worth $8.9 billion, Dangote underwent a loss worth approximately $2 billion. Folorunsho is also an African investor, and she is from Nigeria. She is also happy to be listed alongside Isabel dos Santos as a successful investor.

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is an entrepreneur and executive with many years of experience in the financial services sector. Before working in the financial sector, Nardone was in the legal field where he served as an attorney. Over the last two decades, Randal Nardone has spent his time helping Fortress Investment Group expand and establish itself as one of the top alternative assert management firms in the world. Nardone’s success in finance has enabled him to amass a high net worth. According to Forbes, he is one of the richest billionaires in the United States.

After completing his education, Randal Nardone began his career in the legal field. He joined the law firm Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood where he served as one of its attorneys. While working at the law firm, Randal was one of the top lawyers at the firm. With his performance and track record at the firm, Nardone eventually got promoted to the executive committee. As a member of this group, he was in charge of providing the daily administration of the firm. Randal Nardone went on to get involved in the financial services sector after a successful career in law. When he first began working in the financial sector, Randal joined the startup firm called BlackRock Financial Management.

Randal was a principal of the firm where he was involved in its overall management. His next opportunity was with the prominent investment banking firm UBS. He was the firm’s managing director for one year before going on to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. In the late 1990’s, Randal Nardone decided to start up a financial services firm. He would co found Fortress Investment Group. The firm would specialize in managing financial assets in a number of different industries. Nardone would immediately become one of the firm’s top executives as well as a member of its management committee. Over the past two decades, Nardone has been a key contributor to the firm’s expansion and success. Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has established itself as one of the most trusted asset managers in the financial services sector.

The Method to Create a Press Release That Gets Attention

If you are a brand name that’s been operating for several years, crafting a news releases could not be an all new point for you. You may have created tens of thousands of media releases to declare your site releasing, shop opening, teamwork, new item or brand-new hiring.

With many factors to write a media release, it is a need that each brand name requires to recognize how to compose a wonderful one. Unless you are utilizing a supply agency providing writing and also distribution of news releases, recognizing that the style and also phrase structure are crucial for each Public Relations specialist.

Simply what is a news releases?

A media release is produced by a Public Relations specialist and provided to journalism, like reporters, blog owners, press reporters, as well as stories. It’s a well-written declaration regarding organisation developments with the goal of public consciousness.

Straight talking, PR distribution service will be your ticket to advertising and marketing. When done correctly, it might land you a TV or radioprotection as well as may be syndicated from the best as well as neighborhood publications.

What are the needs of an amazing news release?

The media pick not all news releases. Besides the excellent throwing approaches, there’s an excellent decorum in creating an amazing press release.

Have a look at the features of an Amazing press release under:

  1. Establish a newsworthy story.

What’s the reason that you’re writing a press release? Is it something that will make the journalist stop and believe, “this is a great story to create,” or regret why they read your pitch and also say “it’s all the same old tale?”

You do not wish to misuse your time producing a media release and also finish in their junk folder. Make sure you are composing a different kind of narrative that can make the reporters mention they will require to connect with you for added details.

If something significant takes place in your firm, compose it. But not all reports justify a discharge. In specific fields such as lawful, a media release is required, even if declaring suits with extreme public law repercussions of stating a judgment that is significant.

2. Make sure that you’re targeting the ideal media after sending a news releases.

It seems silly, but some nevertheless send news releases to the erroneous reporters.

3. Abide by the optimal syntax.

Just like the way the press reporter composes a guide or internet site, a media release ought to follow the right format and also syntax. You can not simply write it just how you need it, without thinking about the requirements. Observe the:

Simply below it, make up a memorable headline that’s composed in vibrant letters.

It’s after that followed with the first sentence of this discharge.

4. Follow the ideal limit.

Your press release should certainly be limited to a solitary web page, yet may go beyond to 2 pages.

It requires to be responded to based upon its value in the story.

5. Keep it short, simple and without blunders.

Do not attempt to consist of a lot of unnecessary words, such as hype or adjectives to attract a reporter’s interest. Remember you mean to introduce a relevant content with the assumption journalism will compose it.

Guarantee your story is devoid of grammar, punctuation and also punctuation mistakes. Steer clear of from typo errors, so analyze your narrative before throwing it to raise the chance of coverage.

6. Prepare a media package.
Presenting a networking set will probably give you with a sign of acceptance if your news release is exceptional. You may also supply extra records that could boost your chance of getting a promo, including product reviews, background information of the company as well as reprint of short articles composed by other book worrying your brand name.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is Fostering Eco-friendly Production Practices at L’Oreal International

For more than two years, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has served as the Global Brand President of Matrix Biolage US, a professional hair care line. His mission has been to create R.A.W, the brand’s all-natural products. A few months into the launch of the products, Rada is now talking about the history of the project including some of the challenges he faced during production.

R.A.W. originated from the realization that consumers needed more natural products. As Dan Bethelmy-Rada reiterates, today’s consumers aren’t only satisfied with the products that have been merely inspired by nature. Most individuals want to purchase a product that has been made by 100% of natural raw materials with zero to minimum impact on their environment. R.A.W. was created for this reason. Matrix analyzed the market and realized that it was essential to provide a holistic approach to the creation of beauty products. The management wanted to offer its consumers with a broad spectrum of products coupled with outstanding environmental credentials.

The formulas applied highly rely on a reliable list of natural and active ingredients that have no silicone or sulfates. All of R.A.W.’s products including Bolivian quinoa and Bulgarian coriander are highly biodegradable. They are harvested from sustainable and fair supply sources. Besides, the production team at R.A.W. is devoted to making sure that the formulas are created with a consideration on the environmental principles. The staff looks at the formula’s life cycle from the outset to the end in order to minimize resources utilized in production. As such, Matrix gets its ingredients from minerals as well as plants, honey, and seaweeds. The packaging is designed with the environment in mind. Shampoo and conditioner containers are manufactured from used plastic.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a skilled business professional with experience in marketing. He is also knowledgeable in the application of social media as a marketing tool. He uses this trend to hit his daily sales targets. In the beauty industry, Dan Bethelmy-Rada loves experimentation in various hair techniques. Being a revered entrepreneur too, Dan Bethelmy-Rada is confident that the new products at L’Oreal will set a competitive marketing trend in the industry.

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