The Positive Affects of Jeremy Goldstein For Mental Illness

Jeremey Goldstein, a prominent New York lawyer, has played a key role in helping those who are in need. This man is doing his part to better mankind by fighting mental illness. Over 450 million people worldwide have some form of mental disability. The numbers have been rising for years. As of 2019, mental illness has become an epidemic onto itself. Jeremy Goldstein has hosted multiple dinners to raise funds for fighting this extreme disorder. These dinners included some of the best-tasting wine, and various high-profile figures attended the dinners. In total, Jeremy Goldstein was able to raise more than $56,000.


Jeremey Goldstein is on the Board of Directors for one of the city’s nonprofit organizations that specialize in this field. Fountain House has been in existence since 1948, and the organization was founded by former patients at Rockland State Hospital. Fountain House does a variety of great things for its occupants, including education, housing and employment. “This is a team effort,” said Goldstein. This notion is very true because Fountain House’s personnel works exclusively with its immediate community. Some of the organization’s occupants have been educated to work in a variety if fields such as horticulture, education and culinary.


When it comes to conducting business, Jeremy Goldstein ranks at the top of his class. This man has been involved with some of the largest corporate transactions of the past 10 years. This executive compensation attorney has worked with IBM, J.P. Morgan Chase, AT&T Wireless, Goldman Sachs, Texaco Corporation, South African Breweries, Sears Roebuck Company, Bank of America and many others. In addition to that, Goldstein currently holds numerous degrees that come from different majors. He has attained a J.D. from New York University, and he has attained a B.A. from Cornell University. On top of that, Jeremy Goldstein has founded and is a partner at his very own law firm. This firm just so happens to be known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


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Roc Nation COO Desiree Perez A Big Help For Jay-Z’s Business Ventures

Desiree Perez

Shawn Carter, or popularly known as Jay-Z, has been one of the most fast-rising billionaires in recent years, making $900 million in 2017 alone and $810 million in 2016. He never made it to the top list before, 2017 has been very good for his business ventures which added to his net worth. Jay-Z ‘s business ventures include a streaming enterprise called “Tidal.” He is also involved in D;Usse and Brignac brands. However, his biggest venture right now is the Roc Nation, in which Desiree Perez serves as the current Chief Operating Officer.

As one of the most influential females in the music industry, Desiree Perez has been an instrument for Jay-Z’s business success. Perez joined the Roc Nation in 2009 and has been making the company grow. Before Roc Nation, she served in Shawn Carter Enterprises. Desiree Perez, or Des Perez, is in charge of management, publishing, and labeling operations. She worked with other big stars in the music industry like Rihanna and Beyonce.

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is also known as an advocate of women’s right, especially in the men-dominated field. As one of the top female music executives, she has been involved with the letter sent to the Board of Trustees at the Recording Academy. This was because Recording Academy President Neil Portnow made a controversial statement regarding how the women in the music industry must “step up” if they want to become more successful in the music industry. After the letter was signed by five more influential women, the academy made an immediate action to remove the biases in the music community.

Jay-Z’s streaming app “Tidal” gathered one million people for the trial membership. This feat has been possible because the efforts of Desiree Perez to bring album exclusives. Even iTunes never made this feat possible, which highlights Perez’ talent in negotiation.

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Steve Lesnard: An Expert In The World Of Sports Marketing

Steve Lesnard is an expert in sports marketing and has worked for one of the largest athletic brands in the world. Graduating from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College, Steve Lesnard earned his Master of Business Administration degree in 1996. Prior to becoming a professional sports marketer, Steve Lesnard was the marketing director of Wolford. Wolford is a fashion retailer based in New York.

Marketing In The World Of Sports

Today, we take a look at a recent article dated March 1st of 2019. The article begins with a brief description of Mr. Steve Lesnard’s history. It begins by saying that Mr. Lesnard has “decades of experience in the sports marketing industry.” It then talks about his early childhood. Growing up in France, Mr. Lesnard was passionately involved in sports and was interested entrepreneurship. Because of this, he later moved to the United States to earn his MBA.

Fueled by his two passions (sports and business), Mr. Lesnard began his career in the sports industry during the 1998 Winter Olympics. He was tasked to sign athletes and participate in the creation of seasonal products. From this, his focused turned to “product creation”. Developing products for athletes gave Mr. Lesnard the knowledge and experience to take on roles that “emphasized” on marketing and management.

Big data analytics is a process of examining large and varied data to aid in uncovering patterns and trends. Mr. Lesnard is an avid user of big data analytics to launch successful marketing campaigns. He says that data that is analyzed by the use of “powerful analytical tools” can be “of great benefit in any campaign”. Today, technology and the data from it has given marketers beneficial tools to successfully create a customized experience for consumers.

The article then moves on to talk about consumer trends. Mr. Lesnard mentions that in today’s “health conscious” society, the way consumers shop for products has changed. He then gives his insight and says that companies should “find out” what consumers are truly looking for and produce a product that caters specifically to it. A company must understand its consumer’s needs and wants.

Mr. Lesnard continues to provide his insight into the world of sports marketing. To read the full article, please click here.

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How to Write a Press Release That Gets Publicity

If you are a brand that’s been running for many years, crafting a media release could not be a brand new point for you.

With many reasons to write a news releases, it is a requirement that each brand name requires to understand exactly how to compose an excellent one. Unless you are utilizing a supply firm which offers writing and circulation of media releases, understanding the framework and syntax is important for every single PR expert.

What is a news releases?

A news releases is developed by a PR expert and also supplied to journalism, like journalists, blog owners, reporters, and also publications. It’s a well-written declaration about organisation developments with the purpose of public awareness.

Merely speaking, news release will be your ticket to marketing. When done appropriately, it may land you a TV or radioprotection and may be syndicated from the most popular as well as area books.

What are the requirements of a great news release?

The media select not all media releases. Besides the optimal throwing methods, there’s an excellent rules in creating a great news release.

Have a look at the qualities of an Amazing news release under:

1. Develop a relevant tale.
What is the primary reason you’re composing a news releases?
You do not want to misuse your time creating a news releases and coating in their junk folder. Make certain you are writing a various type of narrative that can make the reporters mention they will certainly need to interact with you for additional information.

If something considerable occurs in your company, compose it. But not all reports validate a discharge. In certain sectors like authorized, a media release is needed, also if declaring legal actions with substantial public law consequences or stating a judgment that is remarkable.

2. See to it that you’re targeting the best press when sending a media release.

Pitching to a press reporter, that covers food and dining establishments, will not attack your press release if you’re releasing a publication. It seems ridiculous, but some nonetheless send news releases to the wrong press reporters.

3. Stick to the best phrase structure.

Just like the way the reporter creates an overview or internet site, a news releases ought to comply with the appropriate format and also phrase structure. You can not just compose it just how you need it, without thinking about the requirements. Observe the:

Simply listed below it, compose a memorable heading that’s created in vibrant letters.

It’s then adhered to with the first sentence of this discharge.

4. Comply with the ideal limitation.

Your press release should be limited to a solitary page, yet might transcend to 2 web pages.

It requires to be answered based on its relevance in the story.

5. Keep it brief, easy and free of mistakes.

Do not attempt to include a great deal of unnecessary words, such as exaggeration or adjectives to entice a press reporter’s interest. Remember you intend to introduce a relevant content with the assumption journalism will compose it.

Ensure your tale is without grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. Stay away from typo blunders, so analyze your narrative prior to tossing it to raise the possibility of insurance coverage.

6. Prepare a media set.
Offering a networking set will most likely give you with a sign of acceptance if your press release is superb. A media set comprises your news releases, cover letter, photographs, video clips together with a business card. You might additionally provide included documents that may boost your possibility of obtaining a promotion, such as item reviews, history details of the company and reprint of posts written by added book worrying your brand name.

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OSI Food Solutions: Presenting a Pallet of Palates

OSI Food Solutions amplifies success in culinary service delivery by recognizing environmental and social trends then tailoring their recipes to attune accordingly. The company started as the ‘go to’ for Germans and other eastern European immigrants for the best quality butchered and charcuterie meats that reminded them of home. Established in 1909 as a limited liability corporate entity, Otto’s Meat Market was founded by Otto Kolschowsky. His sons came of age to assist and they became known as Otto & Sons circa 1928. In the mid-1970’s, the popular food provider took on the name OSI Industries, LLC having benefited exponentially from the collaboration with Ray Kroc’s McDonald’s of the 1950’s. With its original headquarters still in Aurora, Illinois, USA, today OSI Food Solutions serves the global palate in partnership with other business ventures that are keen on service, quality, and safety.

Location, Location, Location

OSI Food Solutions operates out of 65 locations in 17 countries including Germany, Spain, Australia, China, Japan, The Netherlands, Denmark, and the UK. The company serves as source, processor, and transporter of its award winning recipes. Within the USA you can find its shops in Illinois, California, Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin. Some of the more popular restaurant chains that depend on the company’s dependability, consistency, and flexibility include Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza. The company prides itself on its nearly ubiquitous placement strategies that serve for enhanced accessibility among the other key factors in the delicate formula of food delivery service. Similarly, its reputation toward versatility and reliability helps provide a solid financial framework and contribution to local economies across the globe.

Food As Chemistry

Through the workmanship of the chefs and staff at its Culinary Innovation Center (CIC) also located in Aurora, OSI Food Solutions addresses the desires of its global clientele and the many palates they serve. Do you want to know whether the flavor of lime will mesh well with your taco or cheese dish and in which markets, TexMex or southeast Asia would enjoy it more? Have you wondered about an otherwise common recipe that you often tweak with fennel and garlic as to whether your restaurant’s customer base would appreciate it as much as your family and friends? CIC is where the magic happens to help you ascertain ingredients’ impact on one another on entrees featuring pork, beef, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, buffalo, goat, lamb, eggs, and cheese. Their culinary chemists apply their expertise regarding the various palates of the world, determining which palates, medium or average tasters, non-tasters, or supertasters with their cultural acquisition of flavor preferences, some sweet, some bitter, some spicy, some salty, and others a combination, would receive which ingredients most welcomingly. CIC’s experts can help your restaurant determine whether a dish requiring certain ingredients is best served using venison, mature beef, or lamb. Likewise, their CIC research and development teams advise the company’s clients regarding the best options for retaining flavorful offerings depending on their restaurants plan to serve up the food tableside using a flaming spectacle of culinary flair, or microwave it and deliver it in a hotbox, or some process along that spectrum.

Relationships With Food

OSI Food Solutions also distinguishes itself via its development of close relationships with all of its global partners at the regional level. Their managerial teams maintain awareness and local presence for immediate appreciation of flavor trends. While some dishes remain somewhat sacred culturally (imagine someone adding lamb chunks to the American Apple Pie), others experience a regular flux of flavor designs without backlash. The use of social media and digital connections to assess trends and maintain communication has its perks. But the presence of mind, body, and palate trumps remote reviews. But OSI doesn’t stop there. The company was recently rewarded honors for their due diligence regarding global sustainability having reduced its energy consumption by over 20%. With an historical success rate peppered with accolades and surpassing most among its peers as one of the largest, private corporations of the USA, that’s still nothing to sneeze at.

Bhanu Choudhrie and His Plans to Increase C&C Alpha Groups Presence in the Middle East

 Bhanu Choudhrie is a successful British-Brazilian businessman hailing from one of the wealthiest Indian families. Choudhrie is a household name across Belgravia and beyond. He is the director of C&C Alpha Group, a London-based sprawling investment company. It was founded in 2002 by Choudhrie Junior and it focuses on a wide range of areas from utilities to care homes.

The company also focuses on hospitality, healthcare, real estate, utilities, aviation as well as agriculture. It has a specialized division which offers advisory services to investors. Bhanu Choudhrie has inspired by the legendary US financier Warren Buffet who is strong and working despite being 88 years old. However, he is now more cautious with investments as he gets older. Bhanu Choudhrie took bigger risks and a lot of chances when he was younger but now, he believes that there is no need to continue venturing into risky investments.

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The company developed the interest for venturing into the Middle East market decades ago. Today, it has Alpha Aviation Academy, Sharjah-based aviation school, which trains pilots for Supplies Air Arabia and Short Haul Airlines, as well as the no-frills UAE airline. The aviation school has taken root in the UAE and it has grown tremendously to become one big aviation school in Sharjah with new regular recruits. It is making the dreams of aspiring pilots come true. The aviation school brings about a good opportunity for the company to expand its presence in the Middle East. This is because UAE is a rapidly growing transport hub.

Additionally, C&C Alpha Group looks to open a new campus in Europe because of the limited space in the UAE as well as the region’s growing demand. According to Bhanu Choudhrie, C&C Alpha Group looks at the course’s running part abroad and acquiring a campus.

C&C Alpha Group is also focusing on water desalination in the UAE. The company controls Alpha Utilities in the UAE, which owns as well as controls a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination plant. The plant generates more than 0.5 million gallons of water daily. It also has exclusive rights of supplying desalinated water to the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority.

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OSI Food Solutions Poised to take over the World’s Meat Processing Sector

OSI Food Solutions has been on the lead of transforming the world’s value-added meat processing industry. The company focuses on the production of quality meat products, processed to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Recently, OSI Food Solutions’ management announced that it had acquired top food processing companies, as well as opened new meat processing plants in various parts of the world. The acquisitions and new opening would help OSI to outwit its customers, as well as reach out to more customers.

What companies were acquired by OSI Food?

In 2016, OSI Food solutions acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch-based food processing company. Just like OSI, Baho manufactures value-added beef, fish, poultry, bacon, and fast foods. It serves the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries in Europe.

In the same year, OSI acquired Flagship Europe, a prominent food supplier serving the United Kingdom’s food industry. The food processing company specializes in value-added sauces, pies, poultry, sandwich feelings, beef, and dressings after acquisition OSI changed Flagship Europe’s name to Creative Foods Europe.

In 2018, OSI merged with Turi Foods, the largest supplier of poultry products in Australia. Unlike most value-added meat processing companies, Turi Foods breeds, rears, and harvests its chicken.

New Processing facilities opened by OSI Food Solutions

Apart from the acquisitions, OSI opened new food processing plants to cater to the ever-increasing demand for value-added meat products. The prominent meat processing company opened a facility in Toledo, Spain to increase its chicken, pork, and beef processing capacity.

The Toledo-based processing plant used energy efficient equipment, and it created additional job opportunities.

In May 2017, OSI Food Solutions established GenOSI, a processing plant that would serve the Philippines foodservice market. The 7500 square meters facility processed chicken, beef, and fish products to the Philippines’ major restaurants.

Presently, OSI runs over 65 food processing plants in the United States, Australia, Europe, India, the UK, Australia, and other countries.

How OSI Group has Redefined Corporate Growth in the last Century

Growth in the food industry is one of the most discussed items by economists. OSI Group is a perfect illustration that growth in this sector is possible and more importantly, holistic growth is not farfetched. In more than 110 years, the company has been on a journey to redefined growth in the following ways.

First, the company understands the importance of infrastructural growth. This infrastructure growth and development of facilities is one of the most critical aspects of corporate growth. In the company’s journey to become one of the biggest companies in this niche, different leadership teams in OSI Group have used different ways to acquire facilities. In the recent 20 years, however, the company has started a journey of acquisition in different parts of the world. According to management, acquiring companies is cheaper compared to building new structures. Some of the markets the OSI has facilities bought through corporate acquisitions is the Dutch market. The management of OSI is also making some progressive steps in other markets in Europe and Asia.

Second, the company has also exhibited growth in employment procedures. According to pundits, the quality of employees can make the company an innovation hub or they can make a company financially stagnant. In OSI Group, the company understands its obligation in the employment procedures. One of the ways the company attracts talents in the food industry is by creating one of the best working environments. The company is also one of the most progressive hiring procedures, where all the potential candidates are judged on their potential and their experience.

Thirdly, it is a growth-oriented company due to their approach to sustainability and diversification. The food market has changed, and the management of this company believes that the company has an obligation of changing with the market trends. Sustainability is one of the factors that have redefined this important market. OSI Group has invested a portion of their incomes in making sure that the global agenda of sustainability is a reality. Apart from contributing to different projects on sustainability, OSI Group has also redefined its production process to match the global standards on sustainability.

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Matt Badiali is a Wealth of Investment Advice You Want to Listen

Matt Badiali is an investment guru many have trusted with their money for decades. A trained geologist, Badiali first appeared on the map during the crises of 2008. In a time where finance was losing Badiali won. He made a series of successful investments in natural resources that paid off big. This cemented him as a legend and he has been offering investment advice ever since.

As an investment analyst Matt Badiali is aware of everything that’s happening within the realm of natural resources. He personally vets natural resource companies, watches stocks, and pays close attention to trends. Matt Badiali uses his extensive knowledge of geology to help him provide actionable projections to the many who seek his advice. Most of this advice is communicated through two newsletters he writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. Real Wealth Strategist contains all his natural resource projections. Profits Unlimited focuses on short gain stocks.

Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is mostly known for freedom checks. The commercial that features Badiali holding a fat check up to the camera has become very popular. Freedom checks are an investment perk that Badiali has championed for awhile. Mainly it is because they are an easy investment to make and carry reduced risk. Mostly it is because the natural gas and oil climate is changing in the U.S. and Badiali can see the upheaval. To know more about him click here.

Freedom checks are investments in MLPs, master limited partnerships, which are U.S. based natural resource companies that take advantage of a tax break. The tax break requires them to dispense 90% of their profit which they do through non-controlling stakes sold to John Q. Public. The stakes provide a piece of the pie to whoever buys them and when the company pays out they nab a percentage. All the investor has to do is sit back and wait for the check to arrive in the mail.

Social Media

Badiali is also known for his social media presence. He tweets constantly about new developments and offers advice to all who will listen. Badiali covers gas, oil, precious metals, and even farmable products. He recently shared advice on how to invest in the cannabis industry.

Watford FC Continues To Compete in Premier League

The Watford FC has been having a successful season. With 12 wins, the team is having one of its best seasons in recent years. During this season, the team has been able to win enough games to compete for the FA Cup. Part of the team’s success has been the performance of a couple of its top players. These players have had an integral role in the team’s improved play and success during the season. They have helped lead the team to its current winning record. Beginning in August, Watford won three of its first five games. It would then get into a bit of a slump by winning only two of its next five games. Watford would bounce back and win two of its last three games.

With the team’s success, many members of the organization have been very happy with the progress. Individuals such as the managers, the coaches and the players have frequently made comments on the team’s performance. With a string of wins during the season, Watford has proven that it has a legitimate chance to compete for a championship this season. If the team wins its final game against Manchester City, they will be eligible for a playoff appearance.

Watford’s success has certainly made co owner Gino Pozzo very satisfied. He recently bought an ownership stake in the team in order to capitalize on the potential success of English Premier League football. Gino’s father owned two football clubs which gave him experience in running these types of organizations. Pozzo has used an active approach to the football club become one of the most competitive in the league. His past experience owning a team was in Spain when he helped make Granada one of the most successful clubs in the entire league. With Watford’s continued winning, Pozzo will hopefully be able to see the team win a championship this season.

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