Helping Your Dog Live a Happier and Longer Live

Dog has often been deemed as man’s best friend. It is a common belief on that those who have a dog in their lives live longer. With that statement alone, wouldn’t it be wise to keep our beloved pet around for as long as possible? This article will give several crucial nuggets to keep your dog around and healthy for years to come.

Nutrition for your dog is just as important as a human’s daily diet. And while some would argue about the brand of dog foods that are sold in stores, many doctors suggest Beneful on as your best option. After all, dogs are carnivores in their most natural state, so a nice balance of foods consisting of whole grains,real beef, and vitamin rich veggies which are provided by Beneful will be sufficient.

Another habit that will keep your dog healthy is regular exercise. A dog’s body functions are similar to a human on Beneful. In order for our bodies to stay strong, flexible, and energized, we require exercise. The same applies to your pet. Proper exercise habits will also maintain a healthy digestive system as well as helping them adhere to a normal sleep cycle.

Regular trips to the veterinarian to feed with Beneful is mandatory with helping to prolong your dog’s life. Not only will your dog benefit from necessary vaccines, but regular screenings will prevent and detect signs of disease. This is also the time to ask all the concerns you may have about insuring your dogs well-being.

While this is only a basic foundation of things you need to do to keep your four-legged partner around, there are a few other things that can be done to make life easier for you and your pet. Regular visits to the dentist, regular grooming, and playful activities will give your dog something to look forward to. Just like their human counterparts, dogs simply need to feel appreciated on a regular basis. And last but not least, what your dog will need more than anything is a loving home. By applying these basic life concepts, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet will live a healthier and longer life.

George Soros: Economist, Philanthropist, Activist

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros fled Nazi-occupied Hungary for the United Kingdom, and he later immigrated to the USA with a degree from the London School of Economics to become one of the greatest economic minds of our times. Striking out on his own in the early 1970s and forming the astoundingly successful Quantum Fund hedge fund company, he posted massive profits for over twenty years. Famously, he made over a billion dollars in a single day by shorting the British pound, and he may have made upwards of two billion total before all was said and done, all in one single trade. While certainly notable for his economic savvy, where Soros’ legacy truly resides is in his efforts to improve the world. Soros believes that his fortune has given him a position of independence few can achieve, the position where he can take a stand on controversial issues where many cannot. For the last thirty years, he has contributed enormous amounts of funding for charities, spearheaded projects to help the poor and oppressed, and contributed to political causes to further an agenda of equality and prosperity for all. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization active in over a hundred countries worldwide to support human rights and democratic governments. An egalitarian at heart, Soros believes that those that make laws should be held accountable for their actions, and that it is their responsibility to place the needs of the people they represent above their own personal interests. He has made great contributions to liberal causes in the United States in the twenty-first century, including initiating drives to get citizens out to vote and giving money to Democratic political candidates that he believes will bring about the most good. Most recently, he has dedicated himself to fighting voter identification laws and early voting restrictions in Republican-controlled states, echoing the beliefs of Democrats that these laws disproportionately affect the poor, minorities, and young people. According to Soros, these laws are an attempt by Republicans to use the legislative process to prevent these demographics, all of whom tend to lean liberal, from voting. While certainly active on the domestic front, Soros has also been working internationally to promote opportunities for the less fortunate, providing schools and scholarships to minorities, fighting censorship and corruption, and opposing warmongers and tyrants. He has been openly critical of the European Union for their actions in recent years with regards to the turmoil in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, namely in their inaction in opposing Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine and the influx of refugees from Syria. Rather than ignoring or taking a halfhearted approach to these issues, he has argued, it is of the utmost importance to provide for those that are facing a hopeless situation on their own, even if the cost is high, and that the burden of taking care of these people must be shared by all if order and prosperity are to be upheld.

Earth Force Receives Biggest Crowdfunded Endorsement Yet

You’ve heard about Earth Force and you surely know the good work they do. Now, someone’s stepped in to help them move their plans forward.

Jon Urbana graduated in 2005 with a Bachelors degree of arts in economics from Villanova, where he played on their lacrosse team. Over his college studies, he earned many awards following his prominent field performances on the lacrosse team. Besides his ownership of Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Urbana’s Crunchbase page states that he is a manager at Ellipse USA. This company is currently leading in the provisioning of safe and effective skin treatments.
In October this year, Jon Urbana announced his creation of a personal website and a GoFundMe meant to support Earth Force. This is an organization that is targeted to encourage children steadfast resolution on environmental problems in their areas. Following the eagerness of the young athletes from his sports program to build up the good looks of our natural environment, his motive to promote habitat awareness has greatly been enhanced through Urbana’s Facebook fans and Twitter followers.
Urbana, on one of his blogs, stated that he looks forward to the campaign to produce citizens well aware of the environment. In April 2011, there was a Next Level Lacrosse launch where he was the program’s head and captured the footage on Vimeo. This served as one of his projects where he focused on engaging children in productive activities, which he later posted to his SlideShare bulletin board.

He went ahead to create a Crowdrise campaign to support ARAS, which was mainly to enlighten on defenseless creatures.

He mainly targeted Instagram to promote his cause, and encourage children and parents curb the negative impact on animals and purposed this to be achieved by close connection with the animal adoption and rescue society. And then through an FAA honorable recognition, Mr. Urbana became a decorated pilot.
Jon Urbana’s campaign for Earth Force looks forward to bringing the youth together and advocate for improvement in their local environments. This comes with emphasis on the beauty of our natural earth. The campaign has worked a great way in equipping our youth with skills in decision –making and also resolution on factors involving the care of our environment. As the cofounder of a lacrosse camp, Urbana expresses his gratitude to our youth following their commitment to create a clear environment.


Get your shoes for Winter 2015

With winter just around the corner, shoe brands are releasing their new collections. It is time for men to start deciding which brands they will choose as well as what type of shoes they want. From loafers to boots, the selections are extensive and the competition is fierce. All brands are revving up their assembly lines and stocking up their shelves. A new season brings with it new designs and new innovation. Each brand must bring something unique that will dazzle the customer and make them want to buy more. What’s more is that the products must stand out among the vast amounts of shoes that are offered.

Paul Evans is based in New York City and is a menswear brand. They focus primarily on quality footwear for gentlemen. Paul Evans sells globally and deals directly with the customers online. The whole goal with the company was to create stylish shoes that were reasonably priced. By taking out the middle man and dealing directly to the customers, Paul Evans are able to deliver quality products without a hefty price tag. The shoes themselves are hand crafted in Naples, Italy. The team includes 37 skilled artisans with extensive experience in the field of shoe making. Paul Evans shoes are made from the highest quality calfskin leather.

The Paul Evans Winter 2015 shoe collection includes a broad selection of boots, loafers, sneakers as well as oxfords. Each shoe is made from quality calfskin leather with a sleek and stylish design. Paul Evans features free returns as well as international shipping. With several sizes to choose from, everyone can find their perfect fit. Several colors are available to choose from as well. With reasonable prices, a wide selection and unbeatable quality, Paul Evans offers some of the best options for your Winter 2015 shoe collection.

The Young Activist from North Korea

At the One Young World Summit in 2014, a young woman by the name Yeonmi Park captured the attention of the world when she delivered a speech about her escape from North Korea. Born from an educated and politically connected family, Park is an activist that concentrates on advocating for human rights. Park is a North Korean defector that now lives in South Korea who had to flee the country when her father faced hard labor for his involvement in black market trade. Park is an activist that uses Youtube to criticize the North Korean regime on the way that it treats its people. For her of love for justice, Park is a criminal justice student at the Dongguk University in South Korean.

In many forums, this activist speaks of her horrific journey of fleeing from the oppressive North Korean regime and how she ended up in South Korea. The young lady has consistently been the worry of the North Korean regime as she is quite outspoken about the ills that face this country. Park’s desire is for the North and Southern parts of Korea would re-unite to form one country that protects its citizens and their interests. Yeonmi is a remarkable young woman and is currently writing a book that captures her life in order for her to document it to a greater audience. Park grew up in a privileged background but things had to change after her father’s arrest meaning that she had experienced the best things that North Korea had to offer even under the Kim Dynasty.

She is also fearless regardless of the numerous threats that North Korean defectors face such as assignations. The North Korean government does not recognize Park and those that have fled the country as it views them as traitors that deserve severe punishment. Despite the danger that she faces, Park’s determination to change her native country is high as her intention is to do so in her very own unique way. She has also written for the Washington Post about her experience as an immigrant from North Korea and revealed the same to Guardian in an interview. Park spends a significant amount of her time volunteering at the Freedom Factory Corporation, which is an organization that deals in free market thinking. Additionally, she is the member of LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), an organization that does not generate any profits whose focus is on aiding North Korean refugees that hide in China. The organization also helps in resettling these refugees in the USA and in South Korea.

Her activism has led her to travel the world especially the US where she has spoken at several forums on creating awareness about the harsh conditions in North Korea. Other than being an activist against the ills in North Korea, Park also speaks positively about her native country and encourages people to tour and see its scenic beauty. She has also worked at the North-Korea Today podcast show alongside Casey Lartigue, where they used to discuss the life of North Korean refugees and other topics regarding the country. At a young age, Park seems to have made to the list of young influential persons in the world because of her bold activism.

Proactive Protection of Personal Information

Status Labs has been described as the “Olivia Pope & Associates” of the internet by The Daily Beast. The president of this organization is named Darius Fisher. Status Labs under Fisher’s leadership have made a business handling crises of the online variety and properly fixing the digital reputations of individuals who have been besmirched by internet riffraff. Clients are, if it were possible, inoculated; and if this can’t be done, after-the-fact damage repair is brought to bear.

Darius Fisher understands internet insanity, and has a basic checklist of things people online should have in mind . Especially with individuals that have a higher profile; whether that profile be in business, media, or elsewhere. Darius Fisher’s specialization is the remediation of digital reputation crises.

In the four years since Darius launched Status Labs, the staff surrounding this exceptionally vibrant entrepreneur has expanded to about thirty. Offices in New York and even so far as São Paulo have opened up. It makes sense. If a guy like Darius can give public figures a second chance, as well as politicians and executives, why wouldn’t his business steadily accrue clientele? Currently Darius’ operation boasts over 1,500 clients in some 35 different countries.

Darius Fisher is a native New Yorker, and recently worked as a political consultant and copywriter. PRWeek announced that Darius Fisher was among its “Year’s Innovation 50” list. This list recognizes rising presences in the digital communications and PR world.
There has been a lot of praise for Darius Fisher from PRWeek.

Darius Fisher is probably so good at what he does because he has firsthand experience of the ubiquitous insanity a variety of clients worldwide have had to deal with on the internet. He says that his own personal difficulties, “have made my character stronger,” and that does seem to be the case!

No wonder Darius Fisher and Status Labs have received honorable mentions from Yahoo! News and the New York Times. Their assistance for victims of the Ashley Madison kerfuffle was downright legendary! Fisher’s strategic vision for the company has helped build partnerships with various influential agencies and individuals. Darius understands that as personal privacy deteriorates in society, everybody eventually becomes a victim. Sure, now it’s some Ashley Madison shenanigans; tomorrow it’s Target, Sony, Adobe, or even the Home Depot. Just because the services AM provided weren’t mainstream doesn’t mean that hackers will avoid the mainstream. Protecting reputations proactively is thus Darius Fisher’s goal.

All About Highland Capital Management

This is an institution that was founded in 1993 and comprises of outstanding global investment advisers. They are very reliable sources, given that they are registered and given that collectively with their affiliates they have $21 billion of assets that are under execution. It is a very diverse institution, hence having a very wide client base. They have offices in Singapore, Texas, New York, and in Dallas where they have the headquarters for their offices. This is a firm that is prospected to do even better in the future given that its membership incorporates several sharp minds, among them being a creative and proficient president, Mr. Jim Dondero.

Why Jim Dondero is appropriate for his position

There are so many professionals who could be considered for such great positions. However, James is exemplary personnel because of what he bears. To begin with, Dondero has served in several organizations in the executive positions. He has worked with so many great people, and they have approved him as a great leader. Also, some have even enjoyed his chairmanship and gone ahead to have him included in boards of directors. He has also been a great contributor of ideas in the private market. He has had experience in the financial and business world for three decades. The experiences he has had have exposed him. Also, the challenges have also shaped him into a better person, and this is one thing that has helped him even in his running of Highland Capital Management, L.P where he serves as the president, and a co-founder.

What you may not know about James Dondero

There are so many qualifications of James that you may not know, but I choose to begin with some of the personal things about him that perhaps may not be known to you. One is that between his to popular names, there is a name “David.” Again, there are people who will prefer to call him Jim, and he resides in Dallas, TX. O his qualifications, Mr. James founded NexBank and is among the innovative pioneers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Throughout his career, he has been receiving awards because of the selfless devotion and the energy that he directs to what he is assigned.

Even before founding Highland Capital, Dondero served in Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer.

James’ Educational Background

James was a student of accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. Being a certified management accountant, he has thereof earned himself a number of related awards. He was a diligent student, who passed exemplarily well. Among the many other posts, James is currently serving as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group. You realize that it is not just the financial institutions that go for him. He is widely exposed, and this has made him suitable for very many organizations. Over the years, he has been known to exhibit such great skills in the leadership and also a commitment to whatever he does. This is what has excelled him not just in the investment sectors, but also the various other institutions where he has been of great influence.

Get a Great Look with Lime Crime

What if the makeup you apply did more wonders than just covering up your imperfections? What if it helped you to express you personality with confidence? If you would like to live a life of no apologies, then Lime Crime is here for you. We are a team of makeup lovers based in Los Angeles. We are highly committed to producing some of the best, true-to-color, safe cosmetics. Doe Deere, who is our founder and the CEO, started this great line with only a few hundred dollars and a dream. Currently, she ensures that all dreams on makeups become a reality and often encourages our fans never to stop dreaming.

It has become challenging to assume that split color dyes for the hair are turning out the next ombre. For us unicorns, we are very lucky as the trouble we go through in picking an alternative color is now solved as we can do both. If you are attempting to do this yourself, then some assistance will be necessary especially for the first time. Ensure that you have two bowls, some hair clips and flat dyeing brushes. Begin with one side by smearing color at roots and throughout to the ends, twist the hair and clip it to the side. Repeat the procedure with a second color and let it sit as you desire. When washing and rinsing, ensure that you wash each side separately. The first wash should be taken with care to avoid the colors mixing or washing out. Once you have dried it with a towel, then you are good to go to style as per your desires.

Our newest fall shades, squash and jinx were exciting and we had to do some experiment by mixing them up. The result according to Urban Outfitters was a gorgeous rusty brown that is awesome for fall and it is also super easy. This rusty shade was achieved through the following steps:
1. Apply squash on the lips normally and do not allow it to dry
2. Dab some jinx over the squash
3. Grab your lip brush or use the fingertip and blend. Continue adding jinx and blend as required until you achieve the muted brick shade that you are after.
4. Finally you have made a customized fall shade for yourself

Maybe the vibrant and bright colors are not your thing. Luckily, the washed out shabby look is still there and if you have not been playing with colors, then it is never too late to start. Our Mint Green is so great in that it one does not have to begin bright and vibrant like the case of other greens. You only have to ensure that you bleach your hair white before you apply color. Dilute mint hair dye with a hair conditioner in order to tone down and brighten the color.

Punk fashion comprised of cladding black clothes/makeup and studs, patches and combat boots. Until now, Lime Crime has come up as the ideal match for it. So do away with the black kohl liner and get something vibrant such as our Unicorn Eyeliners.

Ken Griffin among the Recognized Hedge Fund Managers

Having studied at Harvard where he obtained a degree in economics, Ken Griffin has been renowned for his hedge fund management initiatives. He formed the company called Citadel in 1990, and today, it has grown to be a ringleader in alternative investment. It is in Daytona Beach, Florida where he was born in 1968.

At college, he was not like other students. He had developed a keen interest in trading options something that gave him an opportunity to make a fortune at that young age. He spent a considerable amount of time in his dormitory room where he traded the stock options. His dedication to trading options on saw him install a satellite dish so as to access the financial market data in real time. This is something that may have helped him to learn his trading strategy.

During the 1978 dipping of the stock market, it made him earn a lot of money. It is the same strategy that he used to trade options during the stock market downfall, which saw him create a lot of money from a convertible bond arbitrage fund he established when in his sophomore year.

And, in the final year of study, he had created a wealth of over $1 million right from the investors’ money he managed through the fund. He established a convertible bond arbitrage fund before the unexpected happened. In 1987, the stock market experienced a downfall, and this is when Griffin made some huge money from stock trades.

Averagely, this firm has an asset base value of $25 billion that he manages. The company has been renowned as a prospective alternative investment company. When Griffin left college after graduating with an economics degree, he was offered $1 million by another renowned financial investor Frank C. Meyer. He used these funds to trade options.

Meyer is the owner of a firm known as Glenwood Capital LLC and was impressed by the stunning performance of Griffin in trading stock options, something that inspired him to offer help of $1 million to Griffin to trade in that financial market.

Griffin has won many awards for his efforts in creating a working environment that promotes performance, productivity, and service delivery. He was recognized for creating an enabling working environment for his workers at Citadel. He nurtured a culture, which allowed the employees to improve their performance.

Griffin achieved such a milestone by offering perks, which include free lunches to employees, museum tours, personal gifts, and involvement in fitness programs. Griffin believes that to spearhead a team of workers to perform better, an investor needs to invest in them.

That’s why he gave the incentives to revamp the performance of his employees. Citadel has grown to a big company, and by 1998 it had an investment of more than $1 billion and a workforce of 100 employees. He gave Harvard a donation amounting to $150 million to help in supporting needy students attain their education goals. He has involved himself in many philanthropic causes and has contributed over $500 million towards different philanthropy works.

What You Should Know About Dating In Russia

Dating in Russia is quite different in some ways, when compared to other parts of the world. Find out more about dating in Russia, as well as dating Russian women, by reading the rest of this article.

Expect To Plan The Date
In many cultures, both the man and woman plans their date, even their first date. However, Russian women tend to expect the man to plan everything. This means if you start talking to a Russian woman and you want to date her, then you will likely need to bring it up and then plan the date.

Women Make A Great Effort
Russian women usually act very girly and they tend to expect men to act manly. Asides from that, women put in a lot of effort when it comes to dating. This means you can expect a Russian woman you are about to date to take great pride in her looks and the way she acts.

Russian Women/Men Are Very Affectionate
One major difference between dating in Russia and elsewhere is that men and women are typically very affectionate.

Use Anastasia Date To Meet Russian Women
Anastasia Date is an online dating site, but many Russian men and women use it. If you want to date Russian women and connect to women, as well as potentially developing a long lasting relationship, then you should use Anastasia Date.

The dating site was founded back in 1993 and there are millions of users who belong to the site. You should give the site a try if you are looking to date Russian women.

If you want to date Russian men or women, then consider joining Anastasia Date, as it is one of the best sites to use for dating Russian men and women. Once you join, you can familiarize yourself with the site and its features and you could end up meeting someone nice.

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