Losing Weight- The Struggle


We all know the struggle that comes with losing weight. It’s a lot easier said than done. Most of the time, it comes down to cutting way back on your food intake and resulting in becoming hungry, and succumbing to that temptation and eating more food.
Dr. Sergio Cortes is here to tell you that is IT possible to eat less and become full, so you aren’t tempted to eat. Both fiber and protein are the key to starting you off on the right track. When fiber is consumed, it absorbs water or other liquids and gives us that full feeling.
People who consume more protein in their diet have been known to lose wight more efficiently. Protein also promotes muscle repair and growth. It is important to gradually add more and more protein and fiber to your diet rather than overdoing it in one day.
Don’t forget to eat those good wholesome foods too, such as fruits and veggies! Eating protein and fiber alone won’t show the results you’re looking for. Another simple secret in losing weight is drinking a lot of water! Not only is it good for weight loss, but also it is great for your skin. If you are sick of the ‘same old water’ flavor, add some fruits! Cucumbers, lemons and mint leaves taste amazing in water (don’t diss it til’ you try it).
Losing wight can be tough but if you do this before each meal you may just spoil your appetite on purpose (and that’s a good thing). For more protein and fiber aiding in your weight loss journey, visit Total Health Magazine.

Major Upgrades Coming from Securus

A provider of tools for, and bettering the systems of, criminal justice bodies across the country, Securus Technologies has announced their first major code release of the year. This upgrade release will benefit corrections facilities and platforms by law enforcement as well as influence communication services used by inmates and their loved ones.

As one of the largest IT companies developing tools for those working in the corrections field, Securus has to consider the needs of housing, monitoring and policing inmates while also providing them with a degree of respite from the crippling inconveniences of their incarceration. According to Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russel Roberts, these demands are why the developers at Securus are always looking to better their services and products for this demanding market.

Continuing this mission of stellar service, Securus’ upgrade, only the first of the year, will touch nearly all platforms provided by Securus Technologies: Securus Online, Secure Call Platform, SecureView, Video Visitation, ConnectUs and Investigator Pro. Through the release these platforms and programs will receive new patches that will address defects through new code deployments in preparation for new products to be released later on in the year.

These releases hopes to keep Securus not only competitive in the field of IT support for corrections facilities but also ahead of the technological curve. In a recent statement by Richard A. Smith, CEO for Securus Technologies, they have put in the investment in terms of time, resources and strategy in order to migrate potential clients to their services and platforms and concentrate the company’s talent into developing the best in the field. When it comes to providing communication, Smith wasn’t shy to say that their Secure Calling Platform is easily the most preferred communications platform for law enforcement bodies and corrections facilities in the country.

Securus Technologies calls the city of Dallas, Texas home. It’s from there that they are able to provide services to over 3,400 law enforcement and corrections facilities in North America. These places and the staff who operate them also house 1.2 million inmates that Securus Technologies aids with inmate communication technologies, and helps to police with use of biometric analyses, investigative tools, information made available to the public, managing incidents and general monitoring that makes these facilities safer for those who work there as well as the surrounding communities that rely on the use of their technologies.

Learn more about Securus’ video visitation platform by visiting the following link >> https://securustech.net/videovisitation

Calling A Wikipedia Writing Service Takes Good Business Sense

Wikipedia is home to an enormous amount of entries focusing on people, places, events, and, yes, businesses. A business would hugely benefit from Wikipedia business page creation. Any person who has done anything of note should think about publishing a Wikipedia page. Any individual whose reputation has suffered some harm could reap rewards thanks to the rehabilitation a Wikipedia entry serves up.

Good news has arisen for women who are concerned about the bulk (90+%) of the Wikipedia writers being men. At West Virginia University, a new endeavor is being launched to help get more women writers and editors signed up with the Wikipedia community. A “Wikipedia edit-a-thon” hopes to draw the attention of talented women to compose content that relates to women’s issues. The gender equality promoted by the campaign could assist in producing solid content for the site. 

The West Virginia University project sheds light on a little fact not everyone is aware of. Writers and editors are able to produce content on behalf of others. Anyone who wants to make a Wikipedia page may wish to think about hiring a writer-editor to develop the perfect page.

Get Your Wiki is a service that employs the best Wiki writers for hire who also specialize in editing work. This Wikipedia writing service also handles monitoring tasks. This way, anything written and published on Wikipedia is consistently monitored for spam, changes, rewrites, and more. Get Your Wiki has a strong team of professionals to call upon. Working with these professionals would be hugely positive for anyone who wants the page to look its best and, most importantly, deliver the best results.

Perfect grammar and syntax is a must on a Wikipedia page. Anything less is going to look unprofessional. The text has to be properly layered. The paragraphs must tell a non-fiction story in a logical manner. Each heading has to flow right into the next one so as not to be jarring to the reader. Someone who is not a skilled or experienced writer is going to have difficulty creating such material.

Any volunteer is able to contribute content to Wikipedia. The platform is easily set up to accept submissions. Publishing boring or trite content, not matter how easy the process is, won’t help the subject of the page. 

When serious intentions are behind publishing a Wikipedia page, the person writing the page has to be an equally serious professional. Only through hiring an established writing service does it become possible to be sure professionalism is at the helm.

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Amazed At The High Quality Ingredients In Beneful

I had no idea what good things buying premium dog food would do for my dog until I tried it last week. My dog has been acting kind of lazy since he is an older dog, and I thought that he was on his way out, but he perked up when I started buying premium dog food. I think the high quality dog food that I switched to may have saved his life. Thankfully, my dog will be around for a few more years. The vet says that it was a good choice. I shared with him the article that I found that gave me the idea to start buying the better brands of dog foods.

Life Changing Research For Dogs

The article that I found was from the Daily Herald, and it talks about what the premium dog food companies have done over the years to stand out from the other brands of dog foods, since there are so many cheaper brands that have no regard for dog nutrition. The premium brands actually put a lot of thought into what they are making for dogs. I started buying on Amazon, Beneful brand of dog food after I found out that they use high quality nutritious ingredients in their foods. They pay more to have these ingredients listed on their packaging, which is something I often read. The fact that they list their ingredients and they are wholesome and natural ingredients is a huge selling point for me.

I see Beneful as the new way that dog food has become, and it is the way that it should be. Dogs deserve to get the right nutrients that they need in their diets because they lead active lives. My dog might have been suffering all of those years until I started getting him Beneful. I want to spread the word to as many other pet owners as I can because all dogs deserve to have the foods that keep them healthy. Beneful saved my dog’s life, and it can save yours. Here’s the link to that article from the Daily Herald.



Ricardo Guimarães Explains Brazil’s Relationship With China

A recent article quoting Ricardo Guimarães of BMG Bank explains the Chinese relationship with Brazil. Ricardo is the former leader of BMG, and he is still an integral part of the Brazilian investment community. Ricardo works with football clubs on their finances, and he still holds a high position in the financial world. This article shares Ricardo’s thoughts on the Chinese relationship with Brazil, and that relationship is explained in terms of cash flow.

#1: The Chinese Impact Everyone

China has a massive economy that has an impact on everyone in the world. The Chinese economy helps fuel growth around the world, and speculation on their currency makes money for quite a few people. China has struggled in the past, but Ricardo wants all investors to understand that China is still a strong ally for Brazil. Brazil wants to grow in the same way that China did, and China is a good example for Brazil overall.

#2: Development For The Olympics

Development for the Olympics has left Brazil growing on all fronts. There are several developments that are needed to help the Olympic games look great, and BMG Bank has helped pay for much of the development. Chinese investors have spent some of their own money in Brazil, and Brazil must be welcoming to investors even if those investors do not offer the absolute best option for every investment. China has quite a lot of money to work with, and Ricardo prefers that Brazilian investors trust in Chinese cash.

#3: Ricardo Wants Brazilian Investors To Relax

Ricardo believes that Brazilian investors can learn a lot by simply relaxing. There are many economic factors that play into how the Brazilians economy and the Chinese economy are linked. An investor in today’s world could get quite scared if they believe everything they read. Investors must understand that China uses its government to set policies that promote growth, and growth in China helps with growth in Brazil.

#4: How Much Money Is Coming To Brazil?

There is quite a lot of money coming to Brazil via investors from China, and Chinese money will pay for many things that are needed to help Brazil grow. Brazil is a proud nation that needs all the help it can get to grow, and Ricardo believes that billions more dollars will come to Brazil even after the Olympics. Investors from country’s like China will continue to come because of Brazil’s renewed strength.

Brazil’s economy is growing every day, but their attachment to China has scared some investors. Ricardo Guimarães wants investors to understand that there is nothing to fear. He is the respected former CEO at BMG Bank, and he word carries weight in Brazil among investors large and small.

Star Wars: Rogue One Updates

Star Wars is heavily considered and unapologetically the most influential and thorough film franchise of all time. Seven films have spawned the series over the course of nearly forty years.

New Information on Star Wars: Rogue One

With the massive success of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the way it offered something new for moviegoers while adding in a ton of nostalgia for older fans, Disney studios has decided to create a spin-off film called “Star Wars: Rogue One.” Nothing more than basic information has been available for quite some time, but just recently some new details involving the plot, story, setting and characters in the movie have come into the light.

Jon Urbana aims to support Earth Force Inc through Go fund me campaign

For starters “Rogue One” is going to take place shortly before Episode IV: A New Hope, and focus on the heroes, who are a group of Rebels who have stolen the plans to the Death Star, thus setting in motion the events of the original trilogy. With this in mind the idea that famous characters from the series may appear in the movie and play a significant role in it is very much a possibility, specifically Darth Vader or Boba Fett.

At the moment, much of this is just speculation. There’s also some rumors floating around that Felicity Jones and Diego Luna, who are already in the film, may at one point disguise themselves as high ranking Imperial Commanders and gunners.

Yeonmi Park Reflects on Escape from North Korea

“I hope no one sees Kim Jong-Un as a joke,” Yeonmi Park said tearfully during an interview on NK News. “There are 25 million people there in North Korea and this, here, is paradise. It is a heaven.” Human rights activist Yeonmi Park is strikingly beautiful, but beneath her warm smile and dark brown eyes lies a story. When Yeonmi was just thirteen years old, she and her mother attempted to escape the harsh rule of life in North Korea. Her family had employed human smugglers to assist them in reaching South Korea. When they reached China, instead what they encountered was, even more, terror. Yeonmi’s mother was raped, and they were sold into slavery. “Women in North Korea were taught that purity is everything,” Yeonmi said. “We were taught that anything bad that happens is the end of the world. Having this story to tell felt like the end of the world to me. However, if one woman tells her story, maybe others will.” Several years after being enslaved, Yeonmi and her mother were freed. The pair managed to cross the Gobi Desert and find their way to South Korea. Yeonmi’s father was imprisoned at the time she and her mother left North Korea. He later died of cancer. Yeonmi’s older sister, Eunmi, had fled the country without her mother and sister. The three reunited in South Korea. Despite some struggles, Yeonmi Park has come a long way from living in constant fear and starvation in North Korea. She enrolled in college and studied criminal justice. Yeonmi has penned a memoir and participated in multiple human rights summits on Youtube. “I lost faith in humanity,” Yeonmi said. “But we must help those in North Korea. We must tell China to stop sending people back to North Korea. They will be killed. This should be criminal. We must tell North Korea not to kill its people.”

The Role Played by Marcio Alaor of BMG in his Homeland

Marcio Alaor is the executive Vice President of Banco BMG, one of the largest private banks in Brazil. He has been playing a big role of supporting his rural home town especially on matters to do with agriculture and other programs meant to change and improve the lives of those living in that area. Santo Antonio do Monte is Alaor’s home city and he has partnered with local authority in the area to support food court program. Due to his work, Alaor was honored by the leaders and residents of this area, to appreciate the work he has been doing especially supporting the Exhibition Park, and now the food court.
Local officials attended the function to acknowledge the role Marcio Alaor has played in giving back to the society where he was brought up. The honor was meant to show how the executive of BMG is committed to his roots through the support he has always provided to Santo Antonio do Monte. Alaor believes this city has potential to achieve greater things like the municipality is recognized as the largest producer of milk in the region. This city managed to achieve this great potential despite lacking adequate land to favor farming.
Banco BMG is recognized across Brazil for providing affordable payroll loans to those employed in the private and public sectors. The bank targets clients whose rate of default is very low, and this has made it stand out among other lenders in the country. Marcio Alaor has ensured the bank’s position is maintained, as new strategies are developed to counter competition from other banks. As an entrepreneur, Alaor encouraged other successful entrepreneurs to this of this city and collaborate together and help it in changing the lives of residents.
Alaor accepted the title accorded to him, and he thanked the entire team that has partnered with him in ensuring that Santo Antonio do Monte is food secure. Vilmar Octavian, the head of the Rural Union thanked Marcio Alaor for his major role he has played for the city. He believes the support the executive of BMG has provided is fundamental for the union, because it will continue with its initiative of helping farmers in the area. On his part, the mayor of the city, Wilmar Son, stressed the fact that they transformed a structure that was used as a warehouse to be used as a storage facility for food grain, as a great achievement they made.
Alaor was grateful for the accolades he received, because he received them while still alive unlike many instances when such honors are attribute to those who have died. He is highly privileged to be associated with crucial development programs in his rural homeland.

Healthy Dog Food That Dog Owners Will Embrace

I have seen the prices increase in the dog food industry, but twitter customers are happy about the reason these prices are increasing. It is so good to have companies that really are concerned about dogs. There are a magnificent number of dog food companies out there, and I have been able to experiment with several of these companies. Purina Beneful is one of many that I have enjoyed patronizing over the years. This is a company that my father-in-law introduced me to. He has done a lot of bragging about Beneful over the years because he works in a pet store. Beneful has a ton of wholesome variety. He always talks about the selection of wet and dry dog food that Beneful produces. I had to buy some for my own dogs, and I must say that my dogs loved it. The world of dog food is changing, and Beneful plays a big part in that change. The company has been around for years, and the creators have perfected this brand. I like to buy the crunchy Baked Delights from Beneful to help strengthen my dog’s teeth. I also like to buy the Beneful Radiance brand because it has some healthy nutrients and vitamins as well. It is very good to have Beneful because this company is embracing the concept of healthy dog food. FreshPet is another innovator that has blown me away with the amazing ingredients that are available. There are healthy dog foods that have continued to increase in popularity because the ingredients are helping dogs live longer. It is evident that a healthy diet – whether it be for humans or dogs – will contribute to much better nutrition. The nutrition will contribute to a longer life for pets. I have found this is the best way to care for dogs. There was a time when consumers were not really concerned about the choices that were available for their pets. This has changed today. Pet owners are spending more and taking the time to read labels. Dog owners are becoming familiar with the ingredients of these healthy brands.


We all know Google and a couple of other search engines. The search engines are known to use text-based search boxes to interact with users. It’s what everyone is used since the internet developed in the last twenty years. Imagine a search technology that uses images to search what the users are looking. The Pinterest and shoes .com are already developing such a system. The image recognition and visual search on technologyreview tools will drastically improve search efficiency by allowing users to search for images by drawing in the search box.

The Pinterest system is designed with buy buttons along with the pictures. Everything on the internet has changed since it was developed. The search methods remain unchanged. The new technology will significantly improve this area. Pinterest launched the system last summer for its apps and mobile users. The new system is expected to hit the browsers soon. For instance drawing a coffee maker from the kitchen brings other similar items from the kitchen.

The technique is referred to as deep learning. It uses software that has image recognition potential. The new system will power Google images and photo organization service launched this summer. The system allows the user to draw something in a picture box and matches the drawing with the corresponding images. The technology has also been developed before by other company’s s on image recognition software. They include Amazon and Google. Amazon launched the image recognition app in its Smartphone while Google purchased the like.com. The site compares items on various websites that look similar. The Pinterest management is optimistic the new such method is an idea whose time has come. The method is accurate given it comes from deep learning technology. The company’s head of visual research notes significant improvement since the plan was effected.

Slyce is a visual search developing company headquartered in Toronto. The company is positioning itself globally as the primary provider of solutions for visual search. The slyce company provides its technology to retailers, brands, apps, digital publishers with technology to equip their apps with instant recognition of their products.

The company is also flexible in providing its services to commerce business. It offers it technology in exchange for percentage sales splits, licensing and search per fees and integration. The company is currently working with over 1000 brands and several innovative developers.

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