How EFH Has A Lot to Celebrate On Their 15-Year Anniversary

Equities First Holdings (EFH) is a company known around the world for its’ equity-loans. The use of equity-loans as been the source of EFH’s success. EFH has been responsible for $1 billion in transactions. A performance is backed by numbers such as 700 transactions. of EFH has a lot to celebrate during their 15-year anniversary. The office in the United Kingdom has been around since 2012, and they have done their part to help with the expansion of the corporation throughout the globe. EFH’s business growth has caused them to start operations in nine major locations. There are offices in Australia, China, and parts of Europe.

EFH makes an equity-loan available to anyone who owns stocks. They have made the process simple. The borrower uses their stock as collateral. Before the stocks can be accepted as collateral EFH will determine the stock’s future value. An example of a stock-based loan in use involves the CEO of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff. He utilized the equity-loan to help his company.

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Dr. Johanan Rand – The Man, The History and the HCG Diet

Dr. Johanan Rand is a pioneer in the world of anti-aging. Founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Centers in West Orange, New Jersey, Dr. Rand believes the HCG diet with the proper nutrition and exercise that even thought we may not be able to completely reverse the signs of aging, we can greatly slow down the clock. The HCG diet is not something new, it was founded in 1954. Whereas most diets work against the body, the HCG diet works with it, giving maximum results. Whether you are looking to loose a significant amount of weight or those last few pesky pounds just won’t go away, Dr. Johanan Rand has critiqued the HCG diet to help each patient reach their weight loss goals ( He doesn’t believe in a “quick fix” or the “band aide effect” but with the proper plan created for each individual’s direct needs the aging war can be fought successfully.

By living what he tells his patients, Dr. Johanan Rand is a prime example and role model showing what living a healthier lifestyle can do for you, no matter what your age is. A visit with him includes a full physical, and a complete program designed specifically for you with a fitness plan, dietary goals, supplements and bio-identical hormones. Dr. Rand only practices treatment that can be backed up by medical journals, also known as “Peer-review”.

Dr. Johanan Rand received his degree in medicine after studying at Howard University College of Medicine in Washington, DC. His internship took place at St. Barnabas Medical Center of Internal Medicine in Livingston, New Jersey and his continuing education and medical training are from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, New York. He is affiliated with the Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains, New Jersey as one of the eight doctors listed with this hospital that specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Dr. Johanan Rand holds a New Jersey State medical license good through 2019.

If you are looking to learn more information about Dr. Johanan Rand and the Healthy Aging Medical Center, give them a call. They will be happy to schedule a consultation with you.


Dr. Jorge Moll and His Love For The Human Brain

Any doctor’s mission is to serve all of their patient’s medical and wellness needs. Indisputably, that has been the motto for which Dr. Jorge Moll has governed his professional life. In 1994, Dr. Jorge Moll received his well-deserved MD in Neuroscience from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He later completed his residency at the same University in 1997. After that, Dr. Moll concluded his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University. Thanks to his effort and dedication to help other, Dr. Jorge Moll is the president and board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR) as well as the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU) and Neuroinformatics Workgroup (a top-ranked diagnostics and imaging laboratory), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Medical Breakthrough

Dr. Jorge Moll has great experience in the medical field. It is said that he was the first neuroscientist that found a connection between the brain and charity. To reach this conclusion, Dr. Jorge Moll carried out several MRIs in patients who volunteered to explore this theory. He studied their brains meticulously, concluding that the art of giving was similar to other activities that humans did daily such as eating. Dr. Jorge Moll found out that in our brains, there are two areas, and region is where the emotions are, and the other side belongs to the reasoning. This two regions helped him with the studies because he found out that voluntarily donating is based on the emotions and attachment to the product. He thinks that the affiliation of emotions, contains an architectural value that at the end of the day can help or destroy humans. Dr. (Jorgemoll) always encourages his patients to be charitable as it not only do they benefit others but they are also benefiting their minds. Dr. Jorge Moll also explains that practicing this activity frequently helps to lengthen the life cycle, since it helps to avoid depression and even heart attacks.


Fortress Investment Group Agrees to Sale OneMain Holdings Inc.

Global conglomerate Fortress Investment Group agrees to sell their stake in OneMain Holding Incorporated for $1.4 billion. Fortress Investment Group has agreed in principle to the sale of OneMain to Varde Partners and Apollo Global Management LLC for $26 a share. Fortress is selling there 40.5% position in OneMain Holding and with this sale will be divesting a large subprime asset from their portfolio.

Fortress Investment Group has made extraordinary returns on investment by investing in subprime lending and other alternative asset vehicles. Currently, Fortress Investment Group has more than $30 billion in assets under management for their individual and institutional clients from around the globe. Their executive team consists of Co-Chief Executive Officers Peter Briger and Wes Edens who leads the company into its various investment opportunities with a high level of analysis and evaluation expertise that generates excellent results.

Peter Briger, in particular, runs the Fortress Credit business by capitalizing on various alternative asset classes that are distressed, underperforming, and illiquid opportunities that generally translate into very profitable investment endeavors. Wes Edens the current co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks is also an innovator in the alternative asset industry and provides guidance over the private equity and other capital investment opportunities. The investment in OneMain Holdings was one of the opportunities for Fortress Investment Group to solidify its position within the subprime lending category.

OneMain Holding Incorporated specializes in providing subprime loans to the general public that have less than perfect credit dynamics, which is encompasses most of the general population and provides needed capital for regular individuals nationwide. OneMain also specializes in loans for operating funding for small business owners to continue and expand there their business with the necessary capital resources. With the guidance of Fortress Investment Group and their intellectual resources, analysis, and evaluation capabilities OneMain has progressed into a premier subprime lender in the nation. Fortress Investment Group was sold to SoftBank Group a global technology firm that specializes in internet service, telecommunications, AI, robotics and other specialized technology innovations that are propelling the world into the new information revolution.

As a subsidiary of SoftBank Group, Fortress Investment Group continues to make strategic insightful decisions that provide their clients with lucrative returns on investment. The sale of OneMain by Fortress will be the loss of a major subprime lending company from their portfolio but will generate a great return on investment with the $1.4 billion purchase price they will receive.

Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group continues to provide high-level analysis and evaluation skill sets that are translating into exceptional opportunities for profitable windfalls for the organization. The shrewd decisions to buy underperforming and distressed companies is done by Peter Briger and the other knowledgeable professionals at Fortress that provide the intellectual leadership and experience to translate the organizations into throbbing profitable companies.

Peter has created a blueprint for generating high rates of return for investment companies. The sale of OneMain Holdings Incorporated will provide Fortress Investment Group with additional capital resources to re-invest in other distressed opportunities and capitalize on those investments by providing exceptional opportunities for larger returns on investment for its clients.

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Roberto Santiago, Building Shopping Malls With Brilliant Innovations

Robert Santiago is the owner of the most large scale shopping complexes in Brazil. Not one to be boxed in by the expectations of those before him, this Brazilian entrepreneur is always creating building projects, bigger and better than the last. Roberto envisioned turning a non-productive piece of land into a shopping and entertainment megastructure. And as a result construction began in 1988 on Manaira Mall, with a grand opening in 1989. This has become one of the largest shopping malls in the history of the country. But, as time progressed Roberto Santiago proved that visionaries are born with the ability to keep creating. After observing the great success of his first Mall project, he opened another, the Mangabeira Shopping Center. This wasn’t enough, Robert has improved upon the design of the original Manaira Mall and the mall attracts 1.7 million visitors annually.


Manaira Mall’s first expansion was completed in 1997, since then Roberto Santiago has updated the original building with five expansions, that includes a garage building, and the addition of National modern furniture store, Tok Stok. But perhaps the most innovative renovation in Brazil is the place that’s now known as the “place to party.”


In 2009, Roberto Santiago felt that he could improve the city’s economy by bringing in top rated musical acts from around the world. So, he created a state-of-the-art entertainment and rental venue, Domus Hall. It’s akin to a party pavillion with luxury touches. There are two areas to have fun, one is a main floor mezzanine and the other is an upper level with private cabins, suited for ten people. With a seperate music lounge and staging area with dressing rooms. The ground floor can host open music festivals or rows of chairs and tables. This rooftop party space sits atop the Manaira Mall. It’s complete with soundproof walls, air conditioning and can accomodate 4,000 seats or a crowd capacity of 10,000. The venue is a versatile space for public or private events, such as weddings, graduations, fairs and art festivals.


So why is Roberto Santiago considered a business “visionary?” Well, because visionaries are entrepreneurs or businessmen with a grand eye for creating opportunities. Roberto is well known in Brazil and it has made a name for himself internationally as well. Because he goes after the best business opportunities. And he never leaves the buildings to fall into vapid decline. All of his structures have been updated with modern features. He brings out the best in Brazilian culture by combining entertainment and shopping venues with social and economic development. His building projects help add to the culture that is Brazil, filled with lively fun and big, bold flavor.


Octavio de Lazari Takes Over Trabuco’s Position As President Of Bradesco

The board of directors at Bradesco have had quite an eventful year with the number of changes that have come their way, especially with regards to the management and board itself. Bradesco was in need of a person to take up the position of chairman of the company after the person who previously held the position decided to retire from the company. Since he had been working at the company for the past twenty-five years, it was a big switch for the company. There were many people who could potentially take over the position of chairman at Bradesco, but the board of directors decided that the person who should take over this position should be none other than Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who at the time held the position of President at the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco had started working for Bradesco when he was in his teens. Getting a job as a bank teller in a Bradesco outlet near his home, he decided to work there to sustain himself and his family. He knew that starting out this early on in the banking industry would be both a pro and a con for him. For one, it would give him an early start into the field, thereby giving him more time to learn and grow. On the other hand, he started working for the company when he was relatively inexperienced, which would make him face a little bit of trouble when it came to competing with the others along with him.

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In spite of being faced with a few challenges, Luiz Carlos Trabuco knew that he would have to work hard if he ever wanted to make it to a prestigious position within the company. Living by this principle, he was able to implement things that helped him grow professionally according to Through the years, Trabuco evolved into being one of the more notable names within the company, taking on more prominent and more prestigious positions within Bradesco.

Having spent the more than 40 years of his career working for Bradesco, Trabuco has been able to grow with the values that the company perpetuates. Having worked with various facets of the company, he has also been able to implement a number of things that have altered the way that the departments within the company function. Because of his insight and all that he was able to implement, Bradesco grew under his care and blossomed into a company that stands as the leading private bank in Brazil.

While Trabuco was asked to take on the position of chairman at Bradesco, the previous position that he held would thereon fall vacant. Because this post could not be left vacant, the board of directors at the company would thereon have to decide to appoint a new person to this position, so that it wouldn’t be left vacant. Octavio de Lazari was chosen as the person who would take up the position that Trabuco previously held, and was asked to take over after the shareholders meeting in March.

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Cyber Security Stocks Should Be Focal Point Says Jeff Yastine Of Total Wealth Investor

Cyber attacks have increased at a 66% annual growth rate and, as shown by the most recent events, this threat will only worsen. According toJeff Yastine, Editor of Total Wealth Investor, these cyber attacks are one of the reasons investors should take advantage of cyber security stocks. Yastine points out that there is rich diversification in terms of size, countries and sub-sectors to invest.

The almost daily news of system violations security and high profile attacks demonstrate that everyone is vulnerable: people, businesses and even governments. As a result, computer security is become a big business. Yastine says, according to estimates, between 2017 and 2021, the spending on products and services for global information security will reach close to one billion dollars. Organizations and products that companies use to counteract the threats will become increasingly lucrative. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

With an influx of money into the cyber security sector, Yastine points out that investment opportunities remain on the rise. Take a look at Cysco Systems, a giant of $49 billion in annual revenue, which also operates in the field of information security. And Mimecast, a data security company with shares up by 72 percent. Yastine says trends should definitely be a focal point.

Just two weeks ago, in his published report, “Cybersecurity is Going to Get What it is Due,” Yastine favorited ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF, which as he said, has continued to realize stock gains. We live in a society that completely depends on technology. Thanks to the Internet of things, we think about wearable devices like smart watches, smart wristbands, and mobile devices, etc; the human being is an integral part of the global network that connects every kind of device. And while a number of services, usable through this network will increase exponentially over time, so will cyber threats. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Jeff Yastine is currently the Editorial Director for Total Wealth Investor at Banyan Hill Publishing. For more than two decades, he has written, published, analyzed and advised on strategic investing opportunities. Prior to his current position, Jeff Yastine was employed by The Oxford Club, then NewsMax.

In addition to generating fundamental research and analyses that identifies investment opportunities, he publishes his investment advice in his newsletters, and guides readers to make intelligent investment decisions.

Jeff Yastine earned his B.A. in Telecommunications, from The University of Florida and is based in Delray Beach, Florida.


Jason Hope – Supporting SENS With High Hopes

Jason Hope is a sheer supporter when it comes to the efforts of SENS. SENS dedicates its efforts on disease preventitives that cause patients to age quicker than normal. Diseases such as Alzhemer’s, heart disease and lung disease are a few diseases of subject. Jason Hope has decided to donate $500,000 to SENS as part of his support. His donation will help develop a preventive medicine for a common disease amongst the elderly called, Arteriosclerosis.

Who is Jason Hope?
Jason Hope is a well establish entrepreneur that specializes in developing innovative technical solutions of apps, desktop software and games. Besides his entrepreneurial spirit, he is well known for his philanthropist spirit in which he commits to religiously and does so often. Many recognize this gentleman as that guy of Scottsdale, AZ who develops grants for high school and college students in order to fund their tech ideas so that those ideas can take off and make a difference around the world. In addition, his philanthropist efforts are the foundation of many educational advancement outcomes, disease cures, biotechnology solutions and scientific research. You can find many of his writings that covers information related to the Internet of Things floating online. Visit his website for further details.

What is SENS?
This company spends its time and effort developing preventions of diseases that causes patients to age faster than they have to, as mentioned before. The business started in 2009 out of Mountain View, California by a group of determined individuals: Aubrey de Grey, Kevin Perrott, Sarah Marr and Jeff Hall. Together, the team put forth an organization that creates regenerative medicines. Jason Hope swears by this company that these guys are so good at their jobs that eventually, one day, they will find a way for us all to live forever.

Jason Hope’s $500,000
This money will be used to fight Arteriosclerosis. If all goes as plan, the developed medicine by SENS will break unwanted molecular bonds in and around the arteries; restoring the elasticity. See, Arteriosclerosis is a disease that hardens the arteries due to unwanted bonds of fats, proteins and other molecules. In time, SENS will stop Arteriosclerosis in its tracks from forming and the elderly will be free from worry of such matter. Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

For more information on Jason Hope, his donations, entrepreneurship, philanthropist efforts, or on his writings pertaining The Internet of Things, visit the Jason Hope website for further details.  Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

The AIA – Positioning Architects And Designers For The Future

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a professional membership organization for architects and designers headquartered in Washington, D.C. From its modest beginnings in 1857 with 13 architects, AIA has grown to more than 90,000 members in 250 chapters.

AIA chapters exist throughout the United States and in Canada, France, Hong Kong, the UAE, China, and the U.K. Chapters are also located in several U.S. territories including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Robert Ivy, the executive vice president and chief executive officer of AIA, is positioning AIA for the 21st century.

As a visionary leader and innovator, Robert Ivy challenges architects and designers to expand their focus to include the nexus between architecture and social justice by focusing on AIA values. The AIA states on its website, “Our work drives positive change through the power of design.” The societal change and social justice issues Ivy and his colleagues want to impact with architecture and design include sustainability, through designing structures that are environmentally-friendly and by actively and aggressively promoting equity and inclusion to ensure the profession becomes stronger through diversity.

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Ivy and the AIA architects and designers want to reduce the carbon footprint of their designs giving the nod to the importance of the issue of global warming and climate change. Recognizing America is a nation of immigrants, an AIA value is that everyone deserves respect and everyone should expect fair and equitable treatment. Ivy and the AIA support the strengthening of building codes to protect public safety. The AIA supports rigorous academic training and licensure of architects and designers to ensure architects stay abreast of the latest standards and trends in the field and that designs are sensitive to the safety and well-being of people and the environment.

The future of architecture coincides with the values of the AIA, and that includes using sustainable materials, designing structures that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and engaging in architectural projects that are sensitive to the issue of public health. Under his leadership, Robert Ivy ensures the AIA repurposes and redirects its dollars to focus activities on the AIA’s vision and mission as a values-driven organization. Ideally positioned to stay innovative and relevant, the AIA under Ivy’s leadership is shaping the AIA for the future.

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Why Desiree Perez is Considered One of the Most Powerful Women in the Entertainment Industry

Although she prefers to work mostly behind the scenes, Desiree Perez is one of the most powerful women in the music industry. She is the chief operating officer of Roc Nation, a full-service entertainment business that was founded by Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter in 2008. Recently, Billboard magazine compiled a list of the most powerful women in the music industry and was landed on this list. They said that she has a reputation as a fierce negotiator and called out her convincing Sprint to invest $200 million in the music app Tidal in January 2017. This partnership was deemed a huge success when Jay-Z released his 14th album to critical and commercial acclaim on Tidal.

Desiree Perez has been in the music industry for about two decades. For a long time she headed SC Enterprises in the entertainment industry. She has handled concert tour negotiations for a number of artists as well such as Rihanna and Beyoncé. At Roc Nation she has a hand in all of the companies operations. Desiree Perez is cited as an excellent manager by her colleagues in the industry. She is also named as one of the people in the exclusive Hova Circle of Influence which is largely responsible for the success of Roc Nation and Tidal. To know more about her click here.

It was after Desiree Perez got deeply involved with Tidal that this app started to find success after a period of time when its prospects were gloomy. She turned the app around by signing exclusive deals with a number of musicians who agreed to release an album only on Tidal. Desiree Perez’s initiative on this led to many more people trying out the service for a free trial and then converting to paying a monthly subscription. She also innovated by changing the interface of the app to highlight things such as new musicians to listen to as well as new music from established musicians rather than relying on their backlogs.

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