Eleven Technicians Of Securus Technologies Receive The Prestigious BICSI Certification

Securus Technologies, a leading provider of inmate communications systems across North America, announced that eleven of its field services specialists have received the prestigious BICSI Installer I Certification. According to the management, the successful completion of the certification represents a milestone because it shows that Securus Technologies is committed to offer highest standards of technical expertise and professionalism to its stakeholders. The BICSI certification is offered by the Building Industry Consulting Service International, which is the professional body representing information and technology communication industry.


Achieving the certification is not a trivial affair because it requires prior knowledge of advanced communication infrastructure and hands-on practical training. The exam covers a broad range of subjects focusing on video, audio, and voice technologies. During the certification, technicians are required to solve multiple real-life scenarios, which enables them to design, install and manage different topographies. The project also involves dealing with different pathways, optical-fiber and copper based distribution systems.


BICSI certifications serve more than 23,000 ICT professionals, who can take advantage of various training, conferences, publications and credentials across 100 countries. According to Danny de Hoyos, Senior Vice President, Operations for Securus Technologies, the training is fundamental to achieving high-standards that has been a hallmark of the company. He insisted that the growing standard of the communications industry requires technicians to solve critical problems. Therefore, BICSI Installer I Certification is an important step in delivering the best customer service to the client. He also claimed that technicians working for Securus Technologies have an impressive 15 years of field experience, on average. As Securus Technology believes heavily in certifications, it is also necessary for field experts to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest communication technologies.


It is notable that Securus Technologies serves more than 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in the United States.


ClassDojo Helps Everyone

ClassDojo is an app that was created for the benefit of the student, the teacher and the parents. The app is designed to help all three communicate on a different level than had been seen in classrooms before and is innovative in the way that it provides children the opportunity to have a more positive classroom experience. It is an excellent app that is used by thousands of teachers around the country and has garnered a lot of attention because of the way that it is making classrooms happier places for students as well as the teachers who are so instrumental in their lives.


 Students are able to earn points on the app. The points come from doing a good job in the classroom, helping their classmates out or doing something that really stands out from the mundane day. The points are accumulated over a period of time, usually a month. Students are able to get the points that they deserve for doing things the right way and they are able to get more out of the things that they have done. At the end of the time period, students are able to exchange their digital points for real-life prizes in the classroom. Students can eat a special lunch with the teacher, can go shoeless in the classroom or can even earn extra time on the playground.



Teachers are praising the app because it gives them a chance to truly streamline their classrooms. They are able to provide the same type of points for each child who goes above and beyond in the class and are able to do it without the discrimination that came with other rewards for kids. The app is cumulative so teachers like that aspect, as well. They can give their students the chance to really build up a lot of points throughout the time that they are using the app.


Parents are also in love with the app because of the way that they can communicate with their child’s teacher throughout the day. Not only are they able to see how their child is doing and the points that he or she has earned throughout the day but they are also able to talk to the teacher if they need to. The integrated messaging system gives parents and teachers a chance to chat with each other throughout the day instead of just at conferences or by email.

Handy.com Uses Technology To Triumph In the Handy.com Uses Technology To Triumph In the Cleaning Business

A mere two years after its launching, Handy is pulling in some very impressive money. Currently their bookings claim $ 1 million per week and with a new mobile app making it so easy to engage their services, that number is likely to increase. Consumers are comfortable allowing Handy into their homes and businesses because they know all its employees are trusted professionals who have been background checked and otherwise thoroughly vetted before hire.

Handy is more than a cleaning company. Over 80% of their bottom line is from house cleaning services, but they also offer certain types of plumbing and “handyman” services. It’s no wonder they have grown so fast when all a person has to do is pick up their cell and order whichever service they need. Now Handy can be said to have global ambitions with two cities in Canada as well as offering services in London.

Handy has earned its reputation on  alwayztherro.com as being the best at what they do, and according to the numbers they can show, consumers agree. Busy people are more than willing to spend their hard earned cash when they know they will get exactly what they are paying for, or it will be free. Handy has a 100% money back guarantee if one isn’t happy with the job but according to that $ 1 million a week, their customers are all the happy, satisfied kind.

Having Handy show up at your door ready to work is as simple as picking up the phone, and using the app to schedule your appointment. An experienced, professional cleaner will be there when agreed and that’s all there is to it. You will then be able to take all that time you save and put it to other uses besides cleaning when professionals are taking care of the household chores for you.


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Bringing Light to Dark Days at the Kabbalah Centre

Colder days can mean a sense of darkness within the soul as well. When it gets cold outside, people often turn inward and struggle with thoughts that may not make them feel comfortable. This is where it can be helpful to get assistance with such thoughts and think about one’s place in the universe at the same time. Working with a place such as the Kabbalah Centre can really help people open their minds to the universal greatness that is inside each and every single soul placed on this earth by a higher power. This can also help people work past their own innate feelings of darkness by offering them the chance to connect with others who understand why the spirit world is just as important as this one in some very real ways.

Opening Up The Mind

Working with the Kabbalah Centre means opening up to a sense of love and a real sense of the world as it can be. Those who help guide the study here at the Kabbalah Centre are highly trained people who have studied such texts for years and done their best to learn from them. They can show others why it is really important to think about the world in new ways. When studying kabbalah, the emphasis is on the world of the unseen and that which is deeply inside all of the world’s people.

Emerging Into The Light

This ultimately means a process of shucking off the darkness and looking for places where the light has shown the world a new path. By reading texts closely, all searchers can come away with their own improved understanding and a love for their fellows in the human world. This allows all those who work with experts to help move past the things that might be troubling them and find a new life that is more satisfying in every single possible way. They can turn to wisdom that is universally seen as a new pathway and look for ways to walk along with with the scholars here at the warm spaces of the Kabbblah Centre.

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InnovaCare Health Partners with LAN

In recent years, the healthcare industry has made some major changes. These changes have been met with mixed reviews and never seems to be settled. The changes have hit across the board and have affected providers, hospitals, insurance agencies as well as the patients. Even with all of the changes that have been implemented, there are still areas for improvement. This is where InnovaCare Health comes in.

InnovaCare Health is a healthcare management firm offering their services to the people of Puerto Rico. The company is headed up by Rick Shinto, M.D. and Penelope Kokkinides, M.D. This company has made huge advancements in the healthcare industry. They are working to change the way health care is received and how payments are made.

InnovaCare Health has recently added themselves to the Health Care Payments Learning and Action Network, or LAN. The main objective behind LAN is to make big changes to the U.S. healthcare system. They would like to transform it into a payment based model that is more focused on quality of care as opposed to the current system where it is fee-based and centered on quantity.

The partnership between InnovaCare Health and LAN is based on a mutual goal to make changes to the U.S. healthcare system. Both goals and plans have been put in place to make this partnership a positive one and to move in the right direction to accomplish those goals.

The main objective is to provide the best care possible to all patients. LAN and partners believe a quality-based payment system is the best way to improve care and patient health. The current healthcare system can be expensive and is a fee-based system on pmcpr.org. Fees and services are added and the result generally ends up being the same. LAN believes that when quality is the focal point, better results can be achieved.

LAN and InnovaCare Health have already amassed a large number of partners that are committed to this cause according to Penelope Kokkinides. Some of the companies on the list are huge players in the healthcare industry. Healthcare is an industry that is always changing and what LAN and InnovaCare have planned will be a change in a positive direction. These changes will benefit all players in the system from the providers all the way to the patients.

Geoff Cone, Kiwi Tax Lawyer, Spells Out Why New Zealand Is A Deterrent To Wealthy Foreigners Looking To Hide Money

Geoff Cone is a New Zealander through and through. The man went to the University of Otago on the South Island in order to get his degree to be a barrister. He gained a passion for trust and tax law, which led him to a postgraduate degree in the field. He then hoppped to the North Island to practice in Auckland and gain experience.

While practicing in Auckland, a major tax law firm in Christchurch offered him a partnership. He returned to the South Island for a little while before leaving the country to serve as a litigator in the British West Indies. After only two years, he returned to set up his own law firm — Cone Marshall — on the North Island in Auckland. He’s been practicing trust and tax law since 1990. Some even say that he does the Haka in the hallways before filing papers or attending court. Whether or not that’s true, it’s safe to say that Geoff Cone knows his stuff.

So when he starts talking about the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, you know he means business. Cone says the OECD provides the world with standards concerning tax law. New Zealand, Cone says, was the first country to achieve the OECD’s gold standard of worldwide transparency concerning foreign trusts.

The New Zealand government forces anybody setting up a foreign trust in New Zealand to provide detailed information to the government in English. These documents are kept by the New Zealand government in order for them to share with foreign governments that may investigate a money trail. Essentially, New Zealand makes it very hard for foreigners to avoid domestic taxes by setting up trusts in New Zealand.

New Zealand also enforces a variety of stiff banking regulations. The Kiwi country applies a tax to anybody setting up a foreign trust in the island nation. This is an immediate deterrent to people looking to use New Zealand as a tax haven because it already takes a chunk of their wealth away.

And New Zealand’s banking regulation makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hide money. When you bring your wealth to this nation as a foreigner, your government back home will know because of the records kept by bankers in New Zealand and the New Zealand government. Wealthy people looking for a tax haven are better off looking at countries with little to no banking regulation.

And communication is a key deterrent for foreigners looking to hide their wealth from their own government. According to OECD’s standards, New Zealand has agreed to share all of this information with any foreign government looking for it. It is an insurmountable paper trail leading to the pot of gold that is a foreign trust.

The Reviews Are In and Wen By Chaz Is An Amazing Product

Before most people do anything, they look for reviews. Before they go to the movies, they look online and they see what people are saying about a particular movie. If the reviews are bad, they tend to save their money. When it comes to a book they have heard about, they might not read the book because of reviews. There are two types of reviews to take into consideration. There are the reviews of the general public and the reviews of the reviewers out there. It all depends on what someone takes more stock in, as it is clear that Wen by Chaz is loved by people.
The number of sales they have made, it speaks for itself. The happiness that people have had when using the product is over the moon. They have seen it is for real and it is truly an amazing product that Wen has put out there. Anyone that has read up on Chaz, they know what he is all about and they know what to expect from his line of work. He has worked very hard to have his standing in the public eye. That does not come overnight and it does not come by accident.

Going back to reviews, Emily McClure of Bustle.com took time to review WEN by Chaz, the Fig version, and it can be read here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened. She had fine hair and it promised pounce and shine. It delivered that for her and because of it, she wanted the world to know about it. As a reviewer, they have power and she wants to use her power for good. She wants them to know they should spend their money on this product and that it truly does work. She also included photos of the seven days she used it to back up what she was saying. Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC.



Brian Bonar’s Magnificent Bellamy

Brian Bonar is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, and Trucept, Inc. He established an apprentice degree at the University of Strathclyde, a Master’s Bachelor’s Degree in Staffordshire University, and later, a doctorate from the Staffordshire University of England.

Through his career, he has developed a leadership character, which inspires achievement of extended project partners, team members and client’s aspirations, and goals. Brian Bonar creates the combination of skills and experience that lead to great client relationships, project building, and excellent partners.

His unbeaten entrepreneurial career is driven by knowledge, love for planning developments, and his careful considerations when accomplishing details.

As an engineer Brian Bonar has combined expertise knowledge in design development, site and building design, procurement, land use approvals, contract administration, and stakeholders project guidance through composite procedures.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Brian Bonar is also San Diego’s top Chef. He owns the Bellamy Grand Bistro, a restaurant found in Escondido, San Diego, California.

The restaurant serves the finest food in the entire San Diego City and is home to internationally recognized chefs like Patrick Ponsaty of France. Bellamy’s elegant dishes develop Escondido as the other preferable dining choice in San Diego, California.

His restaurant, Bellamy, was featured in the 23rd August 2013 digital edition of a San Diego Magazine. The Magazine rated Bellamy as one of the best eating points in San Diego, California.

The magazine reported Bellamy as a best-served and a prime food destination in the whole of San Diego. The writer of the magazine, Troy Johnson, had a first dining experience at the Bistro and narrated an appraisal of the restaurant.

Troy encouraged the Magazine readers to head to the bistro and enjoy great cuisines, like the saffron pannacotta dessert supplied with strawberry-hibiscus consommé, warm madeleine, sugar dust, and orange zest.

The writer enjoyed the absolute dish masterpieces at the restaurant. The author explains how comfortable the restaurant’s environment is and how the restaurant rates highly compared to the other tourist based restaurants in San Diego.

The writer gave experience accounts about the excellent skills and service offered by the restaurant’s French chef.

Bloomberg provided an account of the brains behind the magnificent Bellamy Grand Bistro. It established Brian Bonar as San Diego’s most great restaurant upmarket. The article suggested another piece work of Brian Bonar, the Bandy Canyon Restaurant.

The Bandy Canyon Restaurant is Bonar’s projected high-class restaurant to be located in a close by California Ranch. With the vast professional experience, Brian Bonar combines management experience to the different background history to make him a one of a kind restaurant designer.

His success as an entrepreneur and top chef makes Escondido the perfect eating target in San Diego California.

LED Bulbs are Worth It

Purchasing Gooee LED light bulbs and devices for power are truly a one of a kind investment which any consumer will not regret in the long run. Though man may pay a bit more upfront at the store for these types of light bulbs, per say, they truly are the best form of electricity and power usage all in all. Gooee’s LED light bulbs are energy efficient and have a very good life span, which ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 hours.

LED stands for ‘LIGHT EMITTING DIODE’, and is a conversion of light from electric energy itself……which so happens thankfully through the unique and specific use of a semi conductor. Without such advancements in science and technology, this would not be possible. Thank every one in history for this gradual and eventual progress, for it does pay off in the final result and product. We not have LIGHT EMITTING DIODE types of energy/light, and do not need to stick around with the very outdated and far less effective, and not to mention costly and energy consuming, incandescent light bulbs…..which are like wise both a pain to purchase and to install or take down.

CFL lighting technology compares in only 8,000 to 15,000 hours of usage life span, not to mention that of others. For example, Halogen light bulbs tend to last even less than that…..ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 hours. Incandescent light bulbs have a life span of what? Can you guess it? Not even close……they max out at 1,000 hours.

David Osio’s Successful Investing Career

In South America, David Osio is recognized as one of the most successful investors and wealthiest people in the country. Over the course of his career he has slowly but surely build up his portfolio and expanding on his business. Although real estate investing is not something that is for everyone, potentially anyone is capable of benefiting from it if they can do it. Prime example would be David Osio himself, who has become extremely wealthy. According to him, it is critically important to think in the long term when it comes to investing, as short term decisions typically end up costing money.

Today, David Osio is a highly successful businessman and many people look up to him in Venezuela. He has also used his time to help build up other businesses and people throughout his work, as he wants to have an impact in multiple ways to help people. He has always made sure to put people first during his process of investing and becoming wealthy. There are many out there who want the success that David has, but they need to be willing to put in the work to get it, and there’s no better inspiration that David. He has the will and drive to go out and get what he wants as well as learn and grow for the future.

David Osio started out working lots of days with no breaks and long hours each day. This is what built him up and put him ahead of the competition. In order to succeed, one must be willing to give it their all, especially in business.

David still has much to do, and has a big plan for his future and his work. It was all excitement when he was named the head of a real estate company, but now the excitement is all in what is coming next in terms of growth. His track record for success is high, and he has been determined to help others succeed as well. David Osio is the perfect example of how to find success from hard work and giving back.

Learn more about David Osio and his company:



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