Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Get Visitation

The Securus Technologies application has helped a lot of people get the visitation they need with friends and loved ones in prison. I have used the app to talk to my cousin many times, and I am really impressed with how it works. I do not have to go all the way out to the prison to see him, and I am able to have the same kind of visitation I would get over a secure connection.
I downloaded the Securus app on my phone from a crunchbase link, and now I am able to call in using the app to talk to my cousin. This means that I can check in any time, and I do not have to make an excuse why I cannot get to the prison. Distance is no longer a problem, and distance will not get between me and anyone I know how might be in prison.

I am especially impressed by the app because as reported by PR Newswire,  it allows for video visitation. I am the one who talks to my cousin the most because his parents are gone, and that means that I need to see how he looks. I can talk to him on a video call, and that means that I can see what is going on with him instead of just guessing over the phone. I am really thankful for this because now all my relatives who ask how he is doing will get a true answer from me because I saw him for myself.

I am able to call in at any time I want, and my cousin is able to talk to me on the prison’s schedule. He said that a lot of other people are using the app, and that makes me feel good because I am one of the first to start using the Securus app.

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Venezuelan Regime in Bid for Survival

There’s a growing opposition in Venezuela to Nicolas Maduro’s rule. Many now suspect that the recent killing of the opposition leader, German Mavare, was politically motivated.
According to Fox News, Mr. Mavare was walking home with a female companion named Norka Luque, and then a man on a motorcycle stopped and attempted to rob him.

But as Congressman Luis Florido claims, “The man then said that he didn’t want to rob them, he wanted to kill him.” Mr. Mavare was shot in the head.

Luque says”the government is known to have set up a Chavista base, a group of government supporters who are willing to resort to violence if necessary”.

As the opposition gathers signatures to call a referendum to remove President Maduro, it is likely the Venezuelan regime will resort to under-the-table tactics in order to preserve itself. Mr. Mavare, indeed, was one of the organizers of the calls for removal of Maduro. A political assassination could as well have taken place.


The Success Story of Marc Sparks

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not just by luck. Marc Sparks believes that anyone can become successful in business. His path to success begun when he was still a student and went on to become a successful entrepreneur – Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital.

Marc Sparks as a high school graduate was an average student who later became a serial entrepreneur. Mark’s story is an inspiration to many, and he has written a book to inspire others to succeed.

Marc Sparks is an American business person, venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur. He hails from Dallas, Texas. His hard work and commitment has helped dozens of companies to rise and become a huge success. With great power comes great responsibility, and Sparks leads by example when he decides to invests in a company.

Sparks was born in 1960 and grew up in Cleveland and St. Louis. Marc began his career in Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. Before he became prominent, Sparks served as an Associate Principal Flute. He is still a teacher at DePaul School of Music. He has recorded two solo albums collaborating with pianist Clinton Adams.

His company Timer Creek Capital specializes in venture capital and provides start-up for different companies. Marc provides unique expertise for businesses. He also helps businesses that are starting to rise from the ground and into the real world. Blue Jay Wireless a cell phone company and Cardinal Telecom LLC have both become big capital investments. Marc Sparks helped these companies to get off According to Goodreads, Mark Sparks can be said to be the representation of success. His achievement he says is from his strong faith in God and the ability to remain positive in his toughest times. Despite his success in business, Marc has no university degree and only has a high school diploma.

Marc Sparks has worked in the real estate business, telecommunication, and capital investment and has been successful in all of them. He is a self-made man. His journey has not been without failure, but all this has always kept him humble. Marc wants others to succeed too, and he believes anyone can be wealthy. In his book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” he shares his story and gives other ways to create their path to success. He lays a foundation that anyone can use to build his or her next venture.

Apart from business, Marc Sparks is heavily involved in philanthropy says Angel List. One of his charities is the Samaritan Inn which is a housing facility that helps the needy with a place to stay. They also give financial planning, job placement, counseling, and health programs. Marc has also worked with Habitat for Humanity to build homes. He is a supporter of the American Can Academy, high school magnet program that is located in Dallas.

Marc Sparks character and attitude and will to give others explicitly guaranteed him to thrive for years to come.

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4 Reasons Online Reputation Management is Critical to Business Management


Why do people gossip?
Well, for one, it’s an activity that can be entertaining. Problem is gossip can also hurt people. When you are the brunt of gossip you generally go and clear up the rumors personally; talk to the person spreading the rumors; or even tell your own REAL story.
But when it comes to the online world, stopping the rumors, the gossip and the negative remarks is very difficult, just because you don’t know where the rumors are coming from or when or how the comments will turn up. Worse yet, these comments are written and online, which means they can remain permanently in the public eye.
Unfortunately written negative content or comments can ruin a business reputation. The written word is a very powerful instrument and when in the wrong hands it can be a disaster, causing you to lose your audience and ultimately your revenue.

In The Beginning Things Were Easier!
In the early days of digital marketing, managing your online reputation was a little easier; you could simply fix the problem by making a few phone calls to the angry customer, apologizing and offering a few compensatory products in exchanges. But like everything, the world of online reputation management has changed. The experts at the Search Fixers have found that merely exchanging a few products is no longer the right solution. There are other challenges that online businesses face, especially now that customers can express their opinions freely.

Why is It Harder Now?
Online reputation management becomes critical in the management of your business online because it promotes, offers important information about your services or products that clients want, and this contradicts negative information and comments that have become just too easy for people to post online. The following are just a few reason online reputation management has become so important:
1. It is just too easy for online audiences to post any type of message, but especially negative ones that can damage your future sales.

2. Once negative reviews take hold, they become difficult to control

3. Businesses that ignore customers suffer when it comes to online and brick-and-mortar sales.

4. According to the Nielsen, at least 86% of all buyers are influenced by negative comments about a company.

What’s the Solution?
The solution is to prevent the critics from causing damage before it happens, and that requires planning, strategy and prevention tasks that not only make your business LOOK GOOD, but also prevents negative online comments from damaging the business reputation. And that’s where an experienced digital agency like The Search Fixers can help prevent and solve online reputation management issues.

The experts at The Search Fixers promote good content, reviews and information about their client, and the sheer amount of this positive information published to the web far outweighs any negativity posted by a few angry customers. By compensating good content for bad, those negative comments get pushed back in the search engines.

Put simply, having a good online reputation management company like the Search Fixers is like having hundreds of people out on the street praising your business and products… and that can only bring in more business, more revenue and more productivity.
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Crystal Hunt Returns to the World of Soaps in “Queens of Drama”

Follow former soap divas and a few soap legends as they strive to bring a new television drama to primetime. “Queens of Drama” chronicles a half-dozen of the most well-known loved and loathed soap queens through the trails of creating and starring their own show. Following them from their initial idea pitch to shooting, this fabulous new fictional-reality show which is entering its second season later in 2016. The first season of the popular program aired ten well-received episodes on the cable channel “POP.”

“Queens” features some familiar faces to even casual soap fans, including Hunter Tylo of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Chrystee Harris of “Passions,” Lindsay Hartley of “All my Children” fame, “General Hospital’s” Vanessa Marcil legendary soap diva Donna Mills, best known from her role on the 80s drama “Knots Landing” and Crystal Hunt, late of “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live.”

Originally from Clearwater, Flordia, Crystal Hunt is a familiar face to soap fans. She has been passionate for being in front of an audience since she was a small child, beginning with beauty pageants and then moving on to commercial and ad work. One of her most notable commercial appearances was The Walt Disney Company’s 25th Year Celebration ad blitz. She also teamed up with the all-boy pop band *NSYNC for an anti-drug public service announcement. However, it was Crystal’s role as troubled teen Lizzie Spaulding, on the CBS daytime soap “Guiding Light,” that got her noticed. She played the role from 2003 to 2006. For her role as Lizzie, she earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger actress in a Drama Series.

Following her departure from the soap world, Crystal Next, Crystal was featured in the film “The Derby Stallion” (2005), with Zac Effron. Next she appeared in “Sydney White,” a 2007 Universal Pictures release. After that, she returned to daytime drama, joining ABC’s “One Life to Live” in February 2009 as Stacy Morasco. writes that Crystal appeared in the Lionsgate suspense/thriller “NYC Underground” in 2013 along side Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel and Evan Ross, followed in 2014 by “23 Blast,” also starring Stephen Lang and Timothy Busfield. Most recently on the big screen, Crystal appeared in the popular 2015 flick “Magic Mike XXL,” also starring Channing Tatum, Joe Maginello, Matt Bomer, and Andie McDowell.  Make sure you check out her photography work on her website.

George Soros, Author and Philanthropist Warns of Upcoming Collapse

George Soros is a well known public figure on, not to mention an extremely wealthy billionaire who put together a $24 billion nest egg through wise investments in the markets. According to George Soros, China’s economy is facing imminent danger much like The United States went through back in 2007-2008, when the housing boom collapsed and credit markets halted, causing a deep recession that ended up lasting a few years. If this does occur, it can be detrimental to China, as they have the world’s second largest economy.

The collapse on that the United States went through preceded a significant credit growth. This is why George Soros is trying to warn the world that something bad may lie ahead in China. He feels that the Chinese Government is focusing their effort on growth instead of riding the wave of debt. The most recent measure of new credit in a Bloomberg survey in China shows 2.34 trillion yuan. That is extremely higher than the median prediction of 1.4 trillion yuan. A significant percentage of the money that China’s banks are dealing out is needed to sustain enterprises that are losing money. The banking system in China has more loans out than it has deposits and is struggling to balance their assets vs liabilities. George Soros feels that China’s banking system is in trouble due to the fact that they have resorted to lending each other money. The banks should be able to sustain themselves by doing this for awhile, but the problem is only growing.

Another eerily similar trend currently happening in China that resembles what the United States went through prior to their downfall on is that the housing values have risen sharply, with new homes soaring a whopping 62 percent in one year. It is known as a parabolic cycle, and a good percentage of the possible upcoming damage can happen in the latter part of a recession. Read more: George Soros, Author and Philanthropist Warns of Upcoming Collapse

It seems difficult to discredit what George Soros has to say about this topic on, as he has been around for awhile and has an extensive financial background. George Soros was born in 1930, and he relocated to the United States after graduating from the London School of Economics. He has been a philanthropist since 1979, and was the founder and manager of a large international investment fund. He has written numerous articles for several newspapers on politics and is an author of more than a dozen books.

Many disagree with George Soros stating that he has issued warnings like this before. And on a positive note, George Soros agrees that there has been cooperation between the U.S. and China, calming down the markets a bit and that China’s service industry is on the rise.

Venezuela Faces Time Change As Result of Electric Crisis

Venezuela has come up with a new way to deal with the shortage of electricity. They’ve decided to do a time change. The country has ruled to make a decision to return four hours behind the GMT clock based on Danilo Diaz Granados’ suggestions. This will lengthen the amount of daylight they have in the evening.

In Venezuela, many things are facing a shortage. There has been a declared shortage on toilet paper. Medicine has also faced a shortage. Electricity has been facing a shortage for a long time. This is not the first step that the government has taken to deal with the problem. The country has shortened to a four day workweek in attempt to deal with the overwhelming crisis.

The crisis stems from the fact that the government produces the electricity. It cannot keep up with the needs of the people. Only time will tell if this will be enough to solve the growing problem of a shortage in Venezuela.

You can read more information on facebook about Venezuela’s electricity crisis.


Leaving the Investment Decisions to the Professionals of CCMP Capital

Investing isn’t one of the most difficult things that people do in the world. In fact, investing is one of the things that many people like to deal with simply because they are able to generate a lot of wealth for themselves. The problem is that the amount of time and energy you spend trying to get up to speed on investing in general can be very taxing. Then, when you throw in all of the additional work and effort that comes with investing, it may just make sense to leave the big time investing to the professionals. These are some of the top reasons to look to partnering with a financial investment firm instead of going it alone.

Learning Curve
The learning curve that any trade in itself takes can be a big one. When you consider the amount of time and knowledge you need to put into investments just to get up to speed on your first trade then you know how difficult it can be. When you then think about the fact that you are probably trying to live your life, have a social life, go to work daily, and then throw in the unexpected problems and stress, the question of what free time you have tends to rear its head. Instead of trying to go it all by yourself, wouldn’t it make more sense to partner with a team of professional investors that do this on a daily basis?

Understanding Strategy
Wall Street Journal said when you are attempting to be on the winning side of investing, you have to know that even a few seconds could be the difference between making a trade that is profitable, or making one that could potentially lose you money. There really isn’t time to sit around and ponder when it comes to making big trades involving your future and your potential retirement. That is the exact reason it is so important to be able to trust someone who is a financial expert and professional, but who also understands that timing is essential.

Professionalism and Courtesy
Finally, the most important thing to be aware of within the investments field is where relationships are and how best to cultivate those over the long haul. It might be no big deal to make a simple trade for a simple stock, but when it comes to putting your entire financial future and retirement on the line during turmoil, you need to be sure you can trust the person on the other end of the phone or the table. That’s exactly the reason that former President and CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital instilled the values of honesty, trust, and collaboration in CCMP Capital’s central focus of how they do business each and every day.

Selena Gomez Makes High School Chic Again

Selena Gomez always brings big style to her thin frame. This week she is attending Fashion Week in Paris and has brought with her an American high school staple, the jean miniskirt. Gomez made hers high fashion by mixing it with very adult pieces; including over-the-knee boots, a blazer, and a criss-cross V-neck bodysuit that is cut low enough to expose a belly button. At least we are guessing it goes that low as Gomez has the skirt sit high on her waist, which balances out exposed skin. The all business, not so much prep school, blazer touch is my favorite add.

Jean miniskirts will be filling shops this Spring season. Who What Wear lists the most admirable ones that will be available soon.

5 Must-have Denim Skirts for Spring 2016
1. The Vetements Denim Mini Skirt maintains the classic look by being reminiscent of a pair of jeans cut and resewn as a skirt.
2. The Topshop MOTO Raw High-Waisted Skirt updates your high school teacher’s jeans skirt by keeping the high-waist but cleaning the line around her hips and stomach, as well as leaving the hem unsewn.
3. The ASOS Denim Pencil Skirt With Step Hem in Mid Wash Blue takes a similar approach as Topshops’s jean skirt, but has more of an acid wash.
4. Saint Laurent’s Distressed Denim Mini Skirt brings a Downtown look with perfectly softened rubbings of the fabric, and it looks perfectly worn-in as though you have been wearing it since high school.
5. The A.P.C. Indigo Denim Miniskirt is the most updated of the choices with a black denim that has a sheen to it.

Building a wardrobe only begins with the basics. What you wore in high school has new life when you take an adult approach to them. Sign-up for your VIP Membership with JustFab to set-up your JustFab online boutique and receive recommendations on everything from basics to each season’s must-have items. Your boutique will be filled with handbags, tops, slacks, skirts, denim, and jewelry for the perfect closet. Each month you will receive new items to your doorstep to keep your look updated and fresh.

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How iFunding is Turning Tables in the Real Estate Scene

In the past, it was difficult to access investment opportunities. With the introduction of iFunding, it has become convenient to engage in equity fundraising for properties. These properties range from condominium estates, resorts and retail locations.

iFunding acts as the link between real estate developers and the investors. This implies that accredited investors can utilize this platform to shop for various investment opportunities. With as little as $5000, an individual can contribute and participate in the investment property of their choice.

Background information
LinkedIn shows William Skelley was the founder of the company. To be candid, many thought that this was going to be another sham but this was not the case. By then, there was no company doing real estate Crowd funding successfully. Due to this fact, Skelley had carry out some ground work of defining the industry and finding a solution to this problem.

It began with smaller fundraisers so that investors could get their money back in time. This concept proved legible and the information rapidly spread. Today, it is a thriving company which has done over $40 million worth of business. It has its headquarters in Manhattan with over 5,000 accredited investors signed up to date.

In order to become an investor, there are various benchmarks that come in play. Accredited investors should have been making an income of $200,000 for the past two years or have a million dollars in liquid assets.

Latest news
In 3rd February 2016, MarketWired shows that iFunding hired Daniel Drew as the vice president and the head of real estate. This followed after his demonstration of extensive experience and a proven track record of success. Among his responsibilities include expanding the organization’s business development and platform offerings for institutions and investors.

William Skelley

Early in his professional career, Skelley described in an intreview he used to run a boutique investment bank which endorsed various commercial projects. Some of the projects included hospitality properties and condominiums. Later on, he teamed up with Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund, which later invested in a Crowdfunding platform known as CircleUP.

Today, Mr. Skelley is responsible for all business development activities at iFunding. He has been advising clients on transactions in excess of $2B across the capital structure. Nonetheless, he specializes in fundraising from accredited investors. Additionally, he is also a frequent speaker during industry events for talks about Crowdfunding and real estate finance.  Follow the iFunding Twitter for updates.

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