Adam Sender Selling 400 Pieces of Contemporary Art for a Fortune

If you looked at Adam Sender only a decade ago, you would see a successful hedge fund manager who was making his clients more than enough money for them to support the growth of the fund. He in fact was making sizable profits for himself, and he could have easily invested those profits in the hedge fund for the foreseeable future. Sender ventured off on a journey into the world of Contemporary art, looking for a way to explode his profits in the shortest possible time. His unique gamble was more of a carefully orchestrated plan that would reap him riches only few ever experience.

So Adam Sender was looking around for a way to invest his profits away from the hedge fund and discovered Contemporary art. This was a very difficult industry for anyone to make profits, because the costs are so extreme, one mistake and you basically lose all your bankroll and savings. Sender began his quest looking at pieces by Warhol, and quickly realized that he would need a few million dollars to buy the masterpieces from the greatest artists in the world. The biggest problem for sender was however there was very little room for making a profit when you enter the market over a million dollars.

This was not where the story ends, it is in fact where the story begins. Sender knew there was money to be made in the world of art, so he began searching for masterpieces that were created by artists flying under the radar. These lesser-known artists were still creating great pieces, they just were not getting the recognition of the greatest in the world. Here is where Sender saw an opportunity to make his move. He began to collect paintings from these artists, and when he felt he had accumulated enough, decided to test the market in 2006 to see if his hunch was correct.

In 2006, Sender auctioned off 40 different Contemporary pieces and walked from the auction with $20 million dollars. It was safe to assume that Sender hit the gas and began to collect more pieces as fast as he could. Over the years, Sender went on to collect 400 pieces of art from 139 different artists. Fast forward to 2015, and Sender has decided the time to exit his art position is going to go the way of his hedge fund. He wants out of all positions and looks to become a wealthy man when the pieces are all finally sold off. Adam Sender’s Whitepages profile is linked.

Sotheby’s has been commissioned to liquidate the pieces, and expects the sale to go on for the better part of 18 months. Once completed, the auction house believes Sender will pocket $70 million dollars for his incredible hindsight.

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