How Alex Hern Becomes An Early Investor


Alex Hern understands how fast technology can change, and he uses that fact to create fortunes. His history includes everything from mobile to email software. The tech and finance industries follow his advice for a reason. When he predicts something will happen, it usually will happen. That success is making his new venture into virtual reality into a talking point among investors. They can see Alex Hern has a knack for promoting innovation, and he can blaze a trail for others to follow. However, he isn’t in vesting in a new gaming experience. He wants to use VR to improve business communication. There aren’t too many investors with this idea, but that’s why he’s likely to succeed. Read more about Alex Hern at

Business meetings are boring affairs we pull through for our financial sake. Virtual reality applications are firmly in the entertainment territory. It would seem the combination of the two won’t work, but Tsunami VR is making it work. The tech company is giving businesses around the world solutions to the communication issues they face today. Communicating in virtual worlds isn’t the same as a phone call or video chatting. It gives the participants an experience similar to a conversation in the real world. Visit to know more.

The experience of virtual reality sets it apart from other mediums. When you enter a virtual world, you perceive objects as if they are actually in front of you. When you talk to someone in a virtual world, you might “remember” the conversation as a part of your real life. Alex Hern is laying the foundations for something great. Virtual workspaces are currently novel, but they will become the standard in decades to come. His decision to invest in this technology as early as possible gives him an edge. How he’ll use that edge is for him to decide.



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