InnovaCare Health Records New Changes Following Rick Shinto’s Leadership

Many healthcare companies in the U.S. were forced to restructure to accommodate the changes that occurred with the introduction of Medicare Advantage plans and the advancement of the healthcare Acts. These changes were targeted at offering users better services and guaranteeing them the access to cheaper and quality healthcare. To a big extend, most of these changes have been fulfilled and companies in the healthcare provision industry are working towards developing a seamless infrastructure that should make service delivery an easy process.

One of the companies that have invested in this regard is InnovaCare Health, a managed healthcare provider that has been in the industry for over 10 years. The company serves the Puerto Rico region and is among few that are established on the principles of catering for the needs of the users fully.

Since 2012, the leadership of InnovaCare Health changed and they brought in new faces with more years in the healthcare industry. The restructuring also hired new executives to the finance and actuarial offices to ensure the plans that are laid are executed through professional oversight. The CEO of the company also came in a new person, Rick Shinto, who has pioneered the development of a better system.

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Rick Shinto
Rick Shinto has worked with several professionals from across the country through his career and he has learnt a lot in the period he has been in the clinical health industry. As a CEO, he comes up with working policies that have been key to developing InnovaCare Health to become a verified provider of healthcare services. Rick Shinto brought in new skills and experience of over 20 years in the industry. When he took over the leadership position in 2010, the company had few Medicare users but today they have managed to register more than 250,000.

Penelope Kokkinides
Rick Shinto gets support from Penelope Kokkinides, who was appointed to hold the Chief Administrative office of the company. She comes in with many years experience and new skills that are working to build the company into one of the best providers of managed healthcare services across the country.

Before she became part of InnovaCare Health, she worked as the deputy to Rick Shinto, the president of Aveta Inc., from 2008 to 2012. She is a passionate expert who has helped the company to develop a service that is dedicated to catering for the healthcare needs of the Puerto Rico population.

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