Neurocore Offers “Ground-Breaking Therapy” To Those Who Suffer From ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that interferes with a person’s ability to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors. Another symptom commonly related to this disorder is hyperactivity. Although it is common to have some degree of inattention and unfocused motor activity, people who suffer from ADHD typically experience these situations more severely and with more frequent occurrences.


Neurocore’s “Ground-Breaking Therapy”

In an article dated January 21st of 2019, it talks about a “ground-breaking therapy” in treating ADHD. The article begins in saying that the disorder affects children, teens, and adults. To quote, “roughly 4% of U.S. adults suffer from ADHD.” The article also includes a general account of American women who also suffer from the disorder.

The article then talks about treatment options for ADHD and how it “continues to grow.” Outside prescribed medication and conventional therapy, ADHD can now be treated using neurofeedback. The information obtained from neurofeedback can then be used to “create a brain training program” to treat patients suffering from ADHD. The article describes neurotherapy as a type of therapy that “uses real-time electroencephalography (EEG)”. By way of “brainwave sensing electrodes placed on the scalp”, the information extracted by the EEG allows the patient, neuropsychologist, and clinicians to “observe” the brain and, from it, gather key data. This data is then analyzed and is used to customize a treatment or therapy for the patient. The article then moves forward in providing “16 facts” about the new therapy and the company who offers it.



Founded in 2004, Neurocore based out of Boca Raton, FL offers its services at their brain performance centers in Michigan and Florida. Headquartered in Michigan, Neurocore has brain performance centers located in Grand Rapids, Livonia, West Bloomfield, Grandville, and Sterling Heights. Outside of Michigan, Neurocore also operates in Boca Raton, Florida.

The company offers treatment and therapy to those who suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and stress to just mention a few. They also offer several programs to treat memory loss. Athletes have also been known to use their services to boost mental strength and stamina.

Dr. Tim Royer is the Founder of Neurocore and Rick Kuiper serves as President. Mark Murrison serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Elyse Kemmerer White is the Chief Science Officer.

Next, the article then discusses the details surrounding neurofeedback and neurotherapy. Additionally, the article also includes a detailed discussion about ADHD.

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