NGP VAN Develops Digital Solutions For Campaign Fundraisers

Overseeing a political campaign is a complex issue that can become quite expensive. Fundraising takes strategic planning and must be well-coordinated to successfully raise the money needed to generate political victory.


The Federal Election Committee reported in 2016 that the average expenditures for a winning campaign for United States Senator were well over $10 million. For campaigns seeking a seat in the House of Representatives, the average cost was $1.5 million. It has even been observed at the state and local levels that the cost of running a successful campaign for office is only getting more expensive.


More and more campaigns are turning to advanced technology to monitor progress and track campaign spending. A leader in the production of these technological advances is NGP VAN, an organization that provides digital solutions for Democratic and other progressive candidates, as well as parties in the non-profit sector.


By using NGP VAN products, managers of campaigns can organize and view data through an online interface that comes completes with charts and graphs to conveniently structure the mass of information. NGP VAN software has been used to power some of the largest political undertakings in the country including the successful 2008 and 2012 campaigns of former United States President Barack Obama.


Digital platforms like the one provided by NGP VAN is perfectly designed to integrate with other digital strategies such as peer-to-peer lending, email campaigning, and social media interaction. The technology provides the added benefit of consolidating campaign donations so that potential donors can make smaller but consistent donations to a campaign that they wish to support.


Through the products provided by NGP VAN, fundraising staff is now equipped with the tools to build a digital list of sponsors across a variety of platforms to build a network of contributors. This technology also provides donors with the ability to track their own donations as desired.


Technology like that which is provided by NGP VAN counters the idea that fundraising for campaigns is somehow an equivalent to collecting donations for a charity. Both hired staff, as well as volunteers, are more likely to enthusiastically seek campaign donations for candidates when not encumbered with thoughts of soliciting charity. The concept here is that donors give money to protect their own personal political interests and support the candidate that they feel is the best match to protect those interests. The technology provided by NGP VAN gives campaigns the best opportunity to capitalize on this viewpoint.


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