Settlers of Catan Film Rights Sold to Producer

Coming soon to a theater near you will be a movie that details the adventures of settlers trading lumber for brick, and trading wheat for sheep. It will also follow the exploits of these settlers as they build settlements and cities with their resources, while at the same time avoiding the dreaded robber. Does this sound at all familiar?

If you’re a tabletop gamer,  like most of us here at CipherCloud, than you probably recognize this as a description of Settler of Catan, which has grown into one of the most popular board games in the world. Now, it appears the German-based game may soon be headed to the big or small screen.

According to ScreenRant, producer Gail Katz has acquired the movie rights for Settlers of Catan. She is the producer of such films as Bicentennial Man and In the Line of Fire, and such television shows as Cashmere Mafia. Katz offered no details as to her plans for the game and if it will land on the big screen, small screen or somewhere else.

Katz said she became interested in the game after being introduced to it by her obsessed college-aged children. She also talked about the mythology of the game, which is strange considering there is no mythology.

This news is not too surprising considering several board games have been turned into movies in recent years with more on the way including Monopoly.

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