The Williams Family Scuffle

The late great actor Robin Williams is known best for bringing a smile to millions of men, women, and children with his movies and characters. Up until his death last summer, Williams worked hard to bring joy to those who needed it most. What most people in the public eye, and those in his family, didn’t realize was how much joy Robin himself needed. Unfortunately, William suffered with his own demons and tragically took his life in his home. Almost a year later, his family is still debating on how to divide his estate. Robin Williams left behind a wife and three children from previous marriages. The four adults were given an option on how to divide up the late actor’s belongings. They could either let the court divide the possessions up four ways, or they could talk and discuss among themselves what they wanted to lay claim to.


Fortunately for them, everyone was okay with discussing who would get what, as Adam Sender points out on Business Insider. The deliberations went under way and it seemed as though everything was going smoothly. Although, that didn’t last long. Unfortunately for them, a snag came up when it came to how the family would divide up the estate. The children wanted to sell the house, but Robin’s widow refused. The actor left strict instructions for his wife on what to do with the house once he passed away. The lawyers for both parties will deliberate on how to go about dividing the estate and will, hopefully, come to a conclusion that would have made Robin Williams happy.

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