Top Movies Coming Out in January 2015


As we bid farewell to Jared Haftel and to the last year and great movies it produced, the movie buffs among us are already looking for new cinematic stuff to get hooked on to. Thankfully, January is the month when a lot of great movies are coming out and they all seem promising from their trailers. The following are 5 movies that would help you transition into the New Year –

• Taken 3 – Coming out on 9th January, Taken 3 would definitely be a sendoff to Liam Neeson’s character. Despite this series having lasted longer than it should have, the first two installments were huge successes at the box office and fans are eager to see what Taken 3 has in store for their favorite character.

• Selma – This movie deserves an Oscar and will be released widely on 9th January. Everything about this film is great, be it the acting of the littlest to the biggest characters or the writing. Instead of being a biopic, we get to see a slice from the great life of Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma. This is the main reason why the movie is so amazing.

• Project Almanac – A January release is not always good news for movies but sometimes, there are movies that defy these laws. And Project Almanac is defying more laws than ever. First of all, the cast is mostly underage and this would make the tone of the film appeal to a lot of people. Secondly, there is time travel in the movie. It comes out on 30th January.

Other interesting movies include American Sniper and Blackhat.

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