Vijay Eswaran’s Ideas on Fear and Change

Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He speaks on many topics including business, personal development, life management, and leadership. He has written several books including the bestseller: In the Sphere of Silence.

With self-awareness and due diligence, as per Eswaran, fear and change can be used to improve your life.


Eswaran states that you should always be living in fear. If not, then you are not living up to your full potential. Fear is the opposite of living in excitement; if you are living in fear, then you are not excited to make risky decisions and change your life.

Room for improvement can be more noticeable when you realize your fears. You need to work on your fears instead of fearing the impending change. However, living in fear can keep your growth stagnant. It is best to live up to your fear and conquer it.


Change can be difficult for anyone to overcome however; Vijay Eswaran breaks change into five easier concepts to understand. The first concept is to realize that change happens within yourself and it begins by breaking habits. Change isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

The next concept is that many minor changes can constitute one momentous change. In other words, slight changes are constantly overlapping each other to create larger changes.


Any change is better than no change and how you deal with the continuous change will define the result. And this is the third concept: change brings about more change.

Next is the fear of change. Fearing the unknown can stifle your progress and change.

Finally, some things are not meant to change. These can include your morals, values, and other beliefs that do not need change.

With his philosophical and life changing ideas, it is easy to see why Vijay Eswaran is such an inspiration to the many people that he encounters.

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