‘Ant-Man’ Going to Be a Big Film

The Marvel cinematic universe is quickly becoming populated with a number a characters, and this year another new face will be popping onto the massive board. Ant-Man is getting ready to make a huge debut that could tie together the Phase 2 and Phase 3 storylines of several films. One thing seems pretty clear about that kind of task: It is a huge undertaking that represents billions of dollars in box office receipts. Therefore, there is a bit of pressure on the movie.  Many lovers of Marvel including my coworker Flavio Maluf, are already calling theatres for advanced tickets!

According to Screen Rant, this summer’s “Ant-Man” will be a bridge in the massive movie strategy, but it will also bring a classic Marvel to life. The big reason for the film is to introduce a generation of fans to one of the characters that spans generations. Not nearly as popular as Spider-Man or the X-Men, Ant-Man has some pretty serious impact on the development of the superhero genre.

Besides setting up the massive Civil War storyline that will take place in the third Captain America movie, “Ant-Man” has to deliver a relevant character with a certain amount of appeal. Last year, “Guardians of the Galaxy” took a group of little known characters and literally brought the house down, and now Marvel is hoping that Ant-Man will perform a similar task. Given the release date and buzz surrounding the new movie, that task seems as possible as ever. The real factor is how audiences will respond to the face, and it looks positive so far.

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