Contributions of Jeremy Goldstein in the Mergers & Acquisations Sector

Jeremy Goldstein is the partner of New York’s famous Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates. The company is a boutique law firm that is dedicated to offering various services related to advising CEOs, management committees, corporations and management teams in matters to do with executive compensation. They are also experts in corporate governance in serious issues regarding corporate events and other sensitive situations. Before the establishment of the company, Jeremy Goldstein used to work as a managing partner at a very large firm based in New York.


Jeremy Goldstein has been famous for his successful involvement in some of the major transactions that have happened before. They are The Dow Chemical Company, South Africa Breweries, Merck, Truven Health Analytics, Goodrich, Alltel, Goldman Sachs, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase which is one of his biggest transactions and achievement ever made and so many other companies. They have a regular flow of customers from all walks of life.

Jeremy Goldstein serves as a member of the American Bar Association whereby he is the chair of the Mergers & Acquisitions sub-committee. He has been able to be entrusted in this position because of his deep understanding of various issues. He is known for completing a whole process alone. This has attracted so many clients because if it was not for his presence, these processes could take years to complete because of the number of specialists who would be involved to complete the whole process. He has a lot of exposure to corporate governance and commercial banking. He is also very fast and an error-free person.


Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who loves sharing ideas with fellow professionals. He has been listed by several media speaking to young people about what they need to grow in their careers. He has also participated as a guest speaker in major professional forums. Very many people have known him through thee seminars in New York and beyond. He also mentors upper-level management and CEOs on how they would stay safe from legal obligations and other issues. Jeremy has also appeared in major forums trying to explain major forms of compensation that most people may not understand. They have become very useful to heads of big corporations.


Jeremy Goldstein’s achievements have been felt by many and as a result, he has managed to be listed at the Legal 500 and also the prominent Chambers USA Guide to Prominent lawyers. These listings have helped him to create a large network that is meant to help him continue to grow.


Jeremy Goldstein is also a lawyer with a big heart. He is a philanthropist who has been involved in major charity movements meant to improve the lives of people. Jeremy serves as a board member of The Fountain House. It is an organization that is purely dedicated to helping people who suffer from various mental illnesses. The body helps to facilitate their treatment and also campaign against stigma. The majority of these people are healed and can join the career industry. Others have children to take care of and thus the need for better treatment. He has been inviting people for dinner which is meant to raise funds for the charity movement.


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