Isabel Dos Santos Faces the Brazilian Company Oi.

Isabel Dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa with her net worth estimated to be about two billion dollars. She is a re-known entrepreneur with investments in industries such as telecommunication, energy, construction, and finance. She is an electrical engineer by profession even though she chose to venture into business instead. She studied in London at Kings College. Being the daughter of the former president of Angola, Isabel Dos Santos never lacked a thing growing up, and that is why she tries to create equal opportunities for the citizens of Angola. She has been involved in several projects that aim to empower women in Angola. View her website

As a businesswoman, she understands the need for healthy competition in the industry and is therefore aware of the fact that she has more than a few enemies. In recent news,she has been at crossfire with investors of UNITEL, an Angolan telecommunications company. UNITEL is partly owned by a Brazilian company, Oi , which claimed that the rates of the loan she received were advantageous than those currently being used in the market. The arbitration court in Paris said that PT ventures, a company owned by the Brazilian investors of UNITEL were discriminated by the Angolan shareholders of UNITEL , namely Isabel Dos Santos, Vidatel, Sonangol Mercury and General Leopoldino do Nascimento who controls Geni.

In the Amsterdam case, the Brazilian investors want it declared that Isabel Dos Santos in collaboration with Unitel International Holdings and Tokeyna acted against the interest of PT Ventures by conducting contentious transactions. Isabel Dos Santos together with Geni explained the monetary operations that needed the transfer of 370 million Euros to UHI during the arbitration process in Paris saying that, the investors from Angola created a different platform of the previous Portugal telcom in order to look for more business opportunities and that UHI was created to purposely finance the acquirement of mobile providers abroad.

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