Karl Heideck – Compliance and Risk Management Litigating Attorney

Risk Management Litigation by Karl Heideck
Compliance and Risk Management Litigating Attorney, Karl Heideck

A litigator is a lawyer who focuses their efforts on legal conflicts that work their way to the court room. The majority of these litigators are members of law firms, various government agencies, and private clients. Their job can be very stressful, and extremely intense, as is the education they are required to obtain beforehand. The requirements for becoming a lawyer do not vary much from state to state, and are pretty straight forward, and strict.

As an attorney, their experience of wins and losses is public knowledge, just like any proven case of negligence. This ensures that all attorneys follow the standard practices and expectations set forth by the state for competent representation.

What Kind of Education Does a Litigator Typically Have?

Litigation lawyers must graduate with the minimum of an undergraduate degree, followed by much more rigorous education. They are required to pass the Law School Administration Test and obtain a doctorates’ degree in “Juris Doctor,” and are required to pass their state’s bar examination. While every law firm has their own experience requirements for practicing at their law firm, the experience requirements can extend up to a five-year limit.

Karl Heideck – Philadelphia Litigation

Karl Heideck is a licensed litigating attorney based out of Pepper Hamilton LLP. He has been licensed and in good standing with the state of Pennsylvania for over eight years. His legal focus in based in compliance and risk management review. Karl Heideck is well versed in all aspects of law, but prefers to keep his career based in court room litigation, where he can better serve his clients.

Karl Heideck is a graduate of Temple University Beasley School of Law, and Swarthmore College. Heideck is active in publishing his knowledge online to assist people in determining whether they need to seek the expertise of a compliance and risk management attorney.

Karl Heideck has an excellent reputation and a stellar representation history and continues to build upon his experience by representing clients from all walks of life.

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