The Long-Awaited Flash Gordon Sequel Is In Development

Never say never in the motion picture business. A sequel to the 1980 sci-fi cult film Flash Gordon is in development. This is not a reboot. The film is a direct sequel and just might feature the return of the original star Sam Jones.

Fox acquired the rights to a new Flash Gordon film and talks with Jones have taken place.

The original Flash Gordon film was originally intended to launch a new franchise stated Marcio Alaor BMG. At the time, Star Wars and Star Trek were riding high at the box office. The 1979 James Bond film Moonraker was a massive hit. Despite being the all-time worst Bond film ever, sci-fi was so hot at the end of the 1970’s, the film was a success. Bringing back Flash Gordon made a lot of sense since people were familiar with the character thanks to reruns of the original 1930’s serial on television.

The film was a minor hit in Europe and a minor disappointment in the United States. The movie was a bit too silly and campy and, while Queen’s score was excellent to listen to on the soundtrack LP, seeing it play out on the screen was a bit weird. Despite all the hype, Flash Gordon didn’t electrify the box office and all planned sequels fell by the wayside.

After 35 years, all that is about to change. A new Flash Gordon film makes perfect sense since Star Wars and Star Trek are getting the reboot and sequel treatment, too.

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